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     The joy of being at the gate as a gatekeeper has more value in God's sight than to be out of fell

Sunday School

I'm sure most of us, while growing up, attended the Sunday School in our various home churc


The sound ministry serves a crucial role in the union , primarily focusing on instruments connections including band instruments and speakers. The team is un

Praise and Worship

It’s a ministry under the Creative Ministry (CREAM) headed by the Praise and worship coordinator. Helps in organizing the praise and worship activities


Intercessory is a praying ministry consists of average of 40 people
We meet every Wednesday from 5 to 6pm at the Ufunamano Chapel and join the union in

ICT, Media & Journali

ICT ministry

ICT ministry is under the ICT Publicity media and Journalism committee led by the Director. The ministry is tasked wi

Graced Voices

The MCCU Choir, otherwise known as the Graced Voices is a music group in MCCU that ministers during giving and benediction sessions and whenever required dur


Dancedom Ministry Overview

At Dancedom, we use the art of dance to:


This is a ministry under mum's docket.

it works from within and outside CU.