1 Chronicles 12:2

Devotional for Thu, Jul 11, 2024

1 Chronicles 12:2

Scripture Reference: 1 Chronicles 12:2

by MCCUON | Thu, Jul 11, 2024

Scripture Exerpt:

All of them were expert archers, and they could shoot arrows or sling stones with their left hand as well as their right.

Devotional Text

David’s army was awesome. Some of his men were ambidextrous, so skilled and versatile that they could shoot arrows or sling stones with either hand. One was so powerful that he snatched a spear from an Egyptian who was seven and a half feet tall and killed him with his own spear (1 Chronicles 11:23). Others “were expert with both shield and spear, as fierce as lions and as swift as deer on the mountains” (12:8). The common thread running throughout David’s army was courage. Not one was fearful, hesitant, or puny. All were talented, resolute, and aggressive. They worked with precision, totally destroying the enemies of God with an awesome unity of spirit. Paul, too, showed courage. He was so brave that he simply “shook off the snake into the fire and was unharmed” (Acts 28:5). The islanders kept waiting for him to collapse, but he just kept right on going. The day of weak and cowardly soldiers is over! The world is watching your courage in adversity. Quit taking your spiritual temperature all the time, and step into your mighty position in God. You are in His awesome army!

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