(Last Updated On: September 11, 2017)

July 2017, is one of the most expecting season full of anxiety and excitement in the political arena. The better portion of heat is associated with youth who makes the better part of the campaigning team. Furthermore, it is a point of time when the youth are the majority voters. The youth maximize the digital platforms to campaign for their desired candidates. The youth posses’ vigor and zealous energy that mostly if well articulated can be of positive impact to the current generation.
However, the same platform can be used to incite hate and difference that have the potential of throwing our country into a deep mess. This is because at 21st century many digital platforms has been introduced and its members are in most cases youths and of course coming from different communities of Kenya. Historically dating the early decades of the post colonial period Kenya has been associated with politics of tribe. Therefore it goes without saying that most Kenyans have been socialized into the culture of politics that emphasize on politics of tribal affiliations. This web further goes on and it entangle the digital platforms that it members are youths. This platform has taken the design of the previous ways of doing things in the political arena.
Panoramic and the bigger picture of the idea of online politics is important to ensure the usefulness of the said platforms. The youth being the most affected in the country by various challenges of unemployment under-representation in authorities must say NO to misuse by the political class who divert their energy to propagating conflicts in the pre-elections period. They should be keen in scrutinizing the leaders instead not basing on the narrative of “ mtu wetu ”.
This is though not an easy task; it takes an informed mind and a self less heart who sees long term consequences of the politics of tribe. Youths at large should ensure that they shun the avenues that create and propagate difference and hate especially in the digital platforms. Youths have the capacity to maximize the usefulness of the digital platforms by performing the most valuable task of preaching peace. It is possible to use the digital platforms to bring unity and a proper scrutiny thus electing leaders of integrity and competence in the country, which translates to development in the country. It’s important for the youth to notice and realize that they have the ability to change the country by spearheading the campaigns against the misuse of the digital platforms in the season approaching elections.
Being the larger target and focal point to the politicians, youths should not take it as a walk in the path. They should be extra cautious of cheap enticements with cheap handouts in exchange of their future. They shouldn’t trade their welfare with bribes and impossible exciting promises.

Despite all the political noise bombarding the space, it is important for the youth to make informed decision by choosing leaders whose records in development are beyond reproach. The best avenue that is at the youth’s disposal and best to push forward and champion for peaceful elections, is proper management of information getting streamlined into social media platforms.
We together should pursue and adopt the brotherly approach that whoever wins or whoever loses the elections, we shall all remain to be Kenyans.
Before posting, THINK.



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