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Just what did i want to mean when i said ‘I love worshipping’ or ‘i really worshipped in today’s service’? worship has been given a wide range of definitions but when God says,’…when true worshipers will worship me in spirit and in truth…’He must be meaning one absolute thing; and this is what we want to see. Ps 100:4 ‘Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise’.We discover there are two degrees of access to God.First through His gates,then through His courts where thanksgiving brings us through the gates and praise into the courts.Thanksgiving relates to God’s goodness while praise relates to God’s greatness.But worship relates to God’s holiness.
We can talk about God’s wisdom for we know wise people;His greatness for we know great people.But apart from God,there is no earthly example of holiness.It is something unique to God and those who have received it from Him.Worship therefore relates directly to God’s holiness but because it is hard to understand God’s holiness,it can be hard to fully understand worship.When you come into contact with,become aware of or have a revelation of the holiness of God,there is only one appropriate response:worship.In shorter terms,the only response to the revelation of the holiness of God is worship.

In John 4:21-24,Jesus stated the condition of the heart that alone makes our worship acceptable to God.He finishes by saying, ‘God is spirit and those who worship Him MUST worship Him in spirit and in truth. Now, according to the scripture the total human personality consists of three interelated elements:spirit,soul and body.The soul is the ego:the attribute that says ‘i will’, ‘i will not’, ‘i feel’,’i think’.But the spirit has one supreme function- to relate with God.
When man sinned and rebelled against God,his spirit was cut off from fellowship with God and became dead to God;in biblical terminology “dead in tresspasses and sins”(Eph 2:1).But when he turns back to God in repentance and faith by rebirth,his spirit is renewed and made capable of restored fellowship with God,person to person,spirit to Spirit. 1 Cor 6:17 ‘…but he who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit with Him’.Worship is therefore communion with God,intimate felloship with God and direct union with Him.

The fact that God dedicates twelve chapters of the Bible to describe the tabernacle gives it high importance(exodus 25-30 and 35-40).The tabernacle reveals a pattern of the way into the presence of God.In its study,you realise the outer court corresponds to the body,the holy place corresponds to the soul and the Holy of Holies corresponds to the spirit.The Holy of Holies was the place where God’s presence dwelt and glory physically seen as a bright light-Shekinah glory.Hence,the ultimate area of worship is the Holy of Holies.This is where man’s spirit has been united with God’s and can directly relate with Him.

What then does my spirit require for me to be a true worshipper?
1. A True Heart
This plainly means sincerity,honesty,loyalty,total commitment,no reservation,that is a true heart.Read Heb 10:22.David tells God,”…a clean heart…..that i may worship you”.In psalms 139:23-24 He asks God to search his heart.In other words,” God,is there anything in me that is your enemy?”Let God show you what is in your heart and then let Him deal with it.
Lev 29:13 “…draw near with their mouths but their hearts are far..”That is religion withou heart.

2.Fulness of Faith
Faith is a decision,that is why unbelief is a primary sin.Whatever God says is right.Double-minded,unstable,undecided person gets nowhere with God.Intellectual arguments are basically unwillingness to decide.You don’t have to wait until you understand the whole Bible to believe it,you will wait too long.Make up your mind now,that what God says is right.That is fulness of faith.2 Thes 2:11-12 teaches that simply if you don’t believe the truth,you”ll believe a lie.

3.Hearts Spinkled from an Evil concience
The blood of Jesus makes us justified: “just-as-if-I’d” never sinned.If am condemned in any way within my heart,I will have no access to God.Rom 8:1, 1John3:21, Ps 66:18,Heb 10:17

4:Body Washed with Pure Water
Did u know that the condition of your body affects your access to God??Pure water is the Word of God (1Pet 1:22).God’s Word purifies us through the Spirit.The Word ministerd by the spirit and obeyed,purifies you.How pure must we be?1 John 3:3 answers that.There is only one standard of purity that God has-Jesus Christ.

We can discuss worship in depth and length but until you have a desire and command of your will hence body to search for God’s spirit and heart,we will never worship.Give up yourself to Him and every part of you in submission to Him,then,He will direct your path into intimacy with Him;worship.


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