Whom would I choose to be?

Whom would I choose to be?
(Last Updated On: November 16, 2019)

For whom I have been
For Whom God says I am
If I were given a chance today
Yes! A fresh new chance
Demolishing what I have been
Deconstructing what I want to be
Whom would I choose to be?

Would I choose to be pigmented?
Identity of my mother’s breed
Or a more esteemed white mask
A title for high life, miles from primitively
Caucasian hair to cover my antennae
Or cotton soft like silk
Blue watery eyes or
Brown ones I see at bathroom mirror
Given a chance today
Whom would I choose to be?

Be born in the dusty, hot and dry savannah
Or where weather is winter, summer autumn spring
Purple jacaranda flowers as the beauty
Or where cherry blossoms be highly anticipated
Political stir and asthma
Or where chants of ‘haki yetu’ are never heard
Given a chance today
Whom would I choose to be?

Born of a peasant family
Where distant between spoon and mouth is long
Or a posh lifestyle of multimillion trillion wealth
Or monarchy of wealth and power
Same talent of dancing with the pen
Or fine fingers with a grip of a scalpel
Given a chance today
Whom would I choose to be?

Like David will I sing
That you Lord the giver of life
Have searched and known me
Skillfully you wove my innermost parts together
And who I am have you have understood
Your thoughts to me are precious
You have Chosen and not forsaken me
For I am whom you say I am
If given a chance today
I won’t choose to be different.

@Fredrick Kimotho


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October 07, 2018

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