Who Is To Blame for The World’s Problems? By James Muimi

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2015)

Sometimes I sit down and wonder at the kind of evil that has befallen the world. As I walk along the streets of different towns and cities in our country, I make sure that I am super observant. I question everything I see and relate it with what is recorded in the books of history. (Books of history here include even the historical books of the Holy Bible written by Moses). What I have seen in the today’s society is quite different from what an ideal society’s expectations . In simpler terms I will say that it is exactly opposite of what you would expect of a society with both wise men and wise women. Are you asking yourself what I have seen? Well, do not end here. Every word I am writing here is for you.

It is not news again in our country, in our continent, in our world, to hear of inter-clan wars, tribal wars, nepotism, corruption, terrorism, idol worship, and all other sorts of social, economic and political evils. Is it? You probably have heard of preachers that preach another Jesus, different from the one recorded in the good news of the Holy Bible. Or of musicians and singers that praise another god, not the Lord of the Israel that paved a way across the Red Sea. Or of governments in some countries that allow social evils, the likes of homosexuality and lesbianism. They have even gone to the extent of licensing harlots and permitting them to roam our streets late in the night. Have we gone back to the ages of Sodom and Gomorrah? We are busy doing injustice to ourselves. Whom should we stand to blame for all that is happening?

You probably are aware of the subsequent attacks on innocent blood that have happened in Kenya and elsewhere in the world. Could be you heard of it, you were involved in the attack or you are the one that orchestrated it. I do not know anything about you. Or you are probably aware of the planned attacks that have not yet been executed. Are we living a life of glorifying the Lord, which is the core purpose of us being on the Earth, when we shed blood for no reason? I know you have a very good answer for that. This is not all. We have experienced tribal wars and unnecessary violence every other time we are choosing our leaders. Not just the national elections, no. I cannot overlook the misunderstandings that have transpired in different places when people stand to choose somebody to represent them. Everybody has their interest into the matter. Even just mere representation in an unpaid post in a student’s organization in the university can spark a fight between the rival parties. Why is it all like this?

I know you are very informed about every other rot that is happening in our societies. You have adequate knowledge of marriages that have never worked, relationships that have ended up in shedding of tears or sometimes shedding of blood and even loss of lives. Nowadays it is very common to hear of single parents. Why is it so? Somebody somewhere must have avoided their responsibility of being a parent. It’s not a wonder anymore! Apart from that, you might have heard of wars between family members. Brother and brother fighting for a piece of land, for properties that they have inherited from their parents. Why don’t we follow the rules of inheritance from our traditional setting and solve these disputes. You cannot claim to have not heard of the recent cases in our Kenyan courts of family members fighting for inheritance. Are we that intellectually poor that we cannot sit down and settle our misunderstandings domestically? Why is it that we always end in courts of law? We have never realized that we will never find justice in these courts of law. The law is meant to correct and punish wrongdoers. We are stooping too low by exposing our internal matters to the public. Kenyans! We ought to start thinking otherwise.

We have been sitting down and blaming our government for failure to support the poverty stricken regions in our country. We probably have never asked ourselves how we could manage the same if we were seated right there in the helms of power, in the government offices. We are forgetting that we are doing nothing to curb the situation. What we can afford to do is to sit down and wait for our dying economy to feed us. I must say this; we are very wrong. We are busy clearing tracts of natural forests to obtain timber, charcoal etc. We have forgotten that the same trees we are cutting and burning are the purifiers of our atmosphere, and more paramount that they support our life here on earth. We will continue to experience severe droughts, flooding and famine as long as we are doing all this until we stop it. Why are you blaming others yet you are in the first line of bringing discomfort to the world. I have the courage to say that we are the core authors of our own misfortune. You are free to differ.

The big question here is; who is to blame for all these killings, the injustice, the social evils, the election violence, and all sorts of unnecessary disturbances to the human kind. What are we doing? We should come up with solutions to our own problems rather than copying other people. Should we sit down and wait for these crazy scientists to come up with their stupid theories to explain the cause our misfortune? Theories that have no proofs! We no longer need science in some of these matters, let science solve our scientific problems, the likes of the laws of nature. That is justified. Or should we sit down and wait for religion to solve our problems? Probably religion will only solve a negligible percentage of it because the same religion is part of the causes of our suffering. What do we need then, Philosophy?

Philosophy was and has been there since the ages of our fore fathers. It has swept the world throughout the ages of enlightenment, to the ages of the world’s civilization and will be there in the future. We have at times relied on the theories of prominent philosophers like Aristotle, Stuart Mill, Rene Descartes, Immanuel Kant and the likes in solving matters related to our thinking and the ethical matters too. But we have always arrived at decisions that clash with the thinking of others. Do we justify an act due to the reason for doing it or due to the consequences it has to the world’s population at large? This is a matter of interest that will always be leading to no common decision arrived. Is Philosophy therefore giving us an answer or instilling confusion to our lives?

I strongly believe that that is enough to provoke a human being capable of rational convenience to start thinking. Yeah, this is the cause of all our issues in the face of the earth: thinking! I am therefore, with a lot of courage, going to give you the right person to blame for all these things. I am not a professional judge. And I am not standing to judge or to condemn any person. But I take it as a moral duty to enlighten the society. I say blame the intellects! It is the intellects and their professional training, the intellects and their knowledge in their brains, the intellects and their quality education, that are responsible for our sufferings in the world, responsible for every blood that is shed, responsible for the maims, the killings, the bombings, the climatic change, the poverty, etc. It is you that have studied nuclear science and made an atomic bomb using your knowledge. It is you that studied and experimented with explosives and made a gun that claimed lives of innocent people. It is you that sat down and thought of producing timber and charcoal that have eaten away our forests and in turn welcomed climate change coupled with global warming to rule the world. We have lost our beautiful icecaps because of your intelligent thoughts. It is you that used your artistic prowess to carve an idol that piloted idol worship in our society. It is you that brought the idea of minting money that brought all these evils associated with the search for money. It’s you, the intellect.

You would probably wonder why I would stand that tall and make such an accusation on this group of our society; the intellects. I appreciate that their efforts have kept our economy going. But I am sorry I have to tell the bitter truth, the other side of the goodness we are enjoying. Take an example of the Al Shabaab militia group that has perpetrated fear in our country. Recently a law graduate was found to be one of the members involved in the Garissa massacre. This is an intellect that has undergone five year training in a university aimed at making them an expert in law. But see what the university produced; a person that is using their intellectualism in the wrong way. Do you still disagree with me?

Furthermore, think of the pilots used by the USA military in bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War. These are intellects able to take advantage of their technological prowess to cause a massive destruction to the world. Think of those who invented the bomb, those who brought the whole idea of industrialization. I know that industries are of benefit to us. But look at the impacts, vehicular exhaust plus the industrial emittances are playing a key role in accelerating the rate of global warming. And many more things that the power of rational convenience has done to our world can be clearly seen.

We need a solution to our problems. Above all, I beg to contradict myself. Yes, this thinking by the intellects is part of the authors of our misfortune but we ought to think on ways of bringing a solution to the world in general. Will Jesus Christ rescue us?


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October 07, 2018

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