Where Do You Belong?

Where Do You Belong?
(Last Updated On: June 8, 2018)

Where Do You Belong?

The two-fold nature of life is amazing. The idea of light or darkness, right or left, right or wrong, are ideas championed by man. God molded and commanded all things in a mighty way and instituted a coherent distinction between them. This gives us a freedom of choice and thought.

How would it feel to have no choices on things you do? Probably, you would not have the capacity to change your diet, direction of movement or any other aspect of life. For instance, do you choose the people you want to live with? What determines the plants, places, animals and people we love?

Every man is uniquely designed by God with each [one] having their own world views. To some extent, people believe that the environment plays a key role in shaping one’s life. However, we need to get a clear distinction between what intrinsically develops within a person – which may include: interests, passions, desires, talents, hobbies, goals, ambitions and wishes – from what a person develops through socialization and interaction.

In campus, relationships are diverse depending on why, when and how you interact. I will identify two kinds of relationships. First, we have the Christian life relationship shaped by the teachings of the Bible. It involves (but not limited to) worship, group fellowship, Bible Studies, evangelism, retreats, group prayers and devotions.

It is every Christian’s desire to; lead a righteous life, sow good seeds among the people, make good friends, empathize as well as attending to other people’s problems. The Bible teaches us how to start and raise a godly family. God says, “My family is that which lives in Christ and it is your assignment to identify yourself with my family, for the spirit of my family awaits you in eternity”. God wants to see a family that worships, fellowship, praises and goes for missions together. That family which encourages by keeping its spirit bound by the power of God. A good relationship, that fits God’s Glory and through which your Spiritual journey is docked, is a brotherly kind of relationship.

Secondly, we have the non-Christian kind of relationship which does not recognize Scriptural teachings.

In campus, it is easier to be enticed into earthly living than pursuing a godly life. The works of the devil are a baited worm. Young campus students get engaged in relationships that satisfy their immediate, but fading, vain passions and desires. They engage in sexual immorality and substance abuse. It is common to see a person drunk 24/7. They get into relationships like it was a contract; getting what they want and walking out of it. In this kind of relationship, people are used as a mere means to an end. Heartbreaks are rampant. These kinds of relationships are imbued with mystical aura. Life is a temporary assignment given by God. God gets annoyed when we toy about with His life.


By Benjamin Kongel


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