(Last Updated On: March 3, 2016)

The adventure of watching monkeys swinging from one branch to another is fascinating to my mind and ayes. I can’t stop thinking how they articulate the energy that they put for every swing without missing the point of their destination. I cannot stop wondering how they don’t miss on their target no matter how I seems to be from the eye of the audience. I tend to think that they are just playing about with audiences’ mind with their capability; yet they never seem to getting exhausted. They are just free monks that enjoy the ability to exploit their potentials. They always seem not to be limited by the heights of the trees on which they keep enjoying the entertainment from the response of the loosely yet intact branches. They are neither intimidated by the width of the gigantic stems of some indigenous and ancient trees. They will always maneuver their way to the crown of the tree with gigs. They dance about the weak branches and jump across the strong ones. This pattern never do they miss a dot; articulately, they measure their move from a distant before they engage in full vigor. They are monks whose principles and rules are the limit to which they can find adventure in the zoo. Their own focus and abilities are the only active rules that govern their exploration. Really interesting!

We human being are not like this free monks. We are really surrounded by thousand of barriers that govern our daily lives. We are always and constantly interpreting rules and warnings in life. Unlike the free monks who do not face the trouble of interpreting any rule or warning. The only thing they have on the tips of their conscience is the cautious in regard to the limitation of their strength. That simple. We human being no matter how strong we are, our strength does not count on the dictates of what action we take in response to the interpretation. Instead, we engage our minds in a parlor with a thousand dimensions of logics and reasoning. Here we have a shocking encounter. Every second is a time for a rule to show up in the room. Another minute a warning screaming out to a deafening notch to our mind. We are encompassed by limitations and inabilities. The ultimate is giving up and shrinking back to our despondent and a desperate state all together. Defeat is mostly the share we take home.

I am worried that most are times when we forget the little freedom and liberty that the nature has given us. Few are they that explore this freedom that is full of a thousand opportunities therein. This is a strength that the free monks in the zoo enjoy. Not that they engage in action with full certainty that they will succeed and conquer the monster of a challenge that stands eyes wide open to threaten, intimidate and scare them away. No. They give risk a chance to overcome and carry them high in the skys of adventure and victory. This is the strength and whim that most of free thinking monks lacks; and when they are in possession of it, they fear to give risk a chance to take the monster by its horns. In a world that is crowded with warnings against failure, we can only succeed if we are ready to give risk a chance. This is not as the last resort, but equally as an option for consideration with a significant priority. If you want to enjoy the adventure of the height of success, you ought to learn to be a free monk and explore the world of opportunities by giving risk a chance.

Patrick. G. Ichoya


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