The Convenience Christianity

The Convenience Christianity
(Last Updated On: July 24, 2017)

For generations since the death and the resurrection of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, many have come into saving faith. The truth of the gospel of salvation has brought many into a relationship with God. This birthing of evangelization and missionary work has been marred by persecution and sacrificial lives of men and women who treasured Christ more than life. However, with the establishment of buildings, which I am not opposed to, there has being increased comfort and luxury in many Christians. Making more of Christ was replaced with some convenience of self-preservation, self-indulgence and self-centered “worship”. The Christian is content with reading the word, praying and fellowshipping, which are all important.

Great Commission

One of the last commands that the disciples were given by the Lord was that of world evangelism. It is currently estimated that there are close to 1.6 billion people that have never heard of the gospel of Christ. Most of the missions are carried in places that have been opened up by old missionaries like in Africa and parts of Asia. A lot of our lives is saturated on self-improvement and doctrine has shrunk to self-help tips. Conformity to Christ calls for compassion for the lost and living a sacrificial life for the same. This is not limited to active missionary work but also being a light for Christ in whatever secular vacation we are involved in. The convenient Christian is one that is not ready to sacrifice time, comfort, money and even life for the sake of Christ.

Command to love

Part of the strategy of Satan is to alter and pervert sacred commands given by God. Love is a command that Jesus used to summarize the essence of all the commandments of Moses. Love fulfils all law in two ways; Love for God and Love for neighbor (fellow man). Perverted love is accruing all comfort, care and devotion to oneself at all expenses. Expression of love in marred with self-interest and heightened emotions. God has equaled Himself with love. God is Love. But how is He expressing His love? “For God so loved that world that He gave…” Love for God is totally giving oneself to be used of God. For this Paul said; “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain…” He also went further to express that it was for the benefit of others that he was alive. Love for neighbor is the extension and reflection of the nature of Christ.

The way of the cross

Drawing from Christ the chief cornerstone, He humbled himself to a shameful death on the cross. Convenience could have driven God to use a “reliable” and “efficient” way of saving the world from sin. He chose that hard way; death. He has called us to take the cross and follow Him. He has called us to deny ourselves and follow Him; to be renewed in our minds; to have His mind. Convenience is always drawing us to taking the easy way. Convenience cares more about the present comfort than the future glory. Convenience rejects that sacrificial way.

By John Kalya.


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