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Far beneath the mountains
Glee a huge golden plantain
Beautiful she is like bonny lass
In melodies and coo of merry of the dawn
The tiny twilights and the stars go home
As the queen shies away
Dice in size she dims
Her way to go home too
The queen has traced out her dark kingdom
It is day time

The cock crows
The king reins and the heat races high
It is noon and the climax of his prowess
But a war is being bred
Slowly the clouds take over the sky
His beauty-glow is no more
With heavy tears they cry in fury
Birds squeeze in their nests
In the huts people sing and dance
At last God has remembered their dry land
It is a blessing

The clouds’ throne is short- lived
The wind too wanted a taste
Vigorous and in supersonic pace
Drives the clouds away
No more cry, no more pride
The clouds are swept away, but the king is no more
For twilight is no time for the king
And the queen, with her maidens, are coming back
To the banquet of cricket’s calls
Man says, the moon’s light is insufficient
And he patterns his house with smaller beams
Sleep come we go, and off are beams
It is night

Up on a mountain am I seated
My mind terminates the task to explore
I come to see of the glory of the Lord
Brighter than the stars it shines
And brighter than the moon
All combined can’t outshine it
It is whiter than we could imagine
The light to light up a hurt heart
Finely does his glory illuminate in the heart
Transfiguration is a fascinating memory
Great is our Lord
Mighty is His glory


By Fredrick Kimotho


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