Talents…Vincent Muhindi

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2014)


            To one he gave five talents, to another two talents and to another one talent each according to their ability (Mathew 25:15). Talent is a unique natural ability or aptitude, the capacity for great achievement and success. What hits your mind when you observe a captive performance, great football match, a movie or a presentation? At one time or another you subconsciously utter the words, “That character is indeed talented.” However, do you stop to think what you might be talented in? Most often not and I will tell you the reason. Most people focus much of their attention to their weaknesses and fail to realize how much they are gifted in another area. They end up creating this retrogressive impression in their minds that they have no talent. Other people quickly conclude that they have no talent after performing poorly in one area. Well, it is imperative to note that one cannot fathom the talent they have until they purpose and take personal initiative to explore what talent is given to them. This comes after you set your mind to believe that you have a talent if not talents. God is faithful and due to this nature, He creates everyone with a talent, which holds the key to open the doors of success. It is extremely unfortunate that some people ignore this fact and relax in their comfort zones purporting to have no talents. No one will come out of the way to tell you,”Hey here is your talent you can start to make a fortune out of it.”

            As I sum up, I wish to make a wakeup call to all that have not realized their talents and submit to them that they have one, they only need to purpose to explore what it is. While discouragers will be many in this course, let the desire to know your talent and the benefits to enjoy after identifying it, be the propulsion power towards realizing your talent. Do not wait for tomorrow, start today and this minute, to explore and affect the world positively through your talent.


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