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(Last Updated On: July 8, 2014)

They say life is a game, and it’s only the strong and those with willpower who most of the time if not all the time make it to the next round. This is well explained by Charles Darwin in his natural selection theory that those who are able to adapt to their environment will be the ones who survive. It is a battle for the fittest, meaning the fit get to go through the next round and those who are unlucky either remain in their stagnant stage or worse still, die!!
This natural selection theory proves to be true in our 21st century, which has been hit by great economic meltdown. Some will use money, power, influence, connections to survive it, but others talents. Yes! Talent is the ability to do something ordinary in an extraordinary way. Speak of sports personality Tigerwoods, David Rudisha, musician-Cece Winans and you will see what I’m talking about.
They were able to tap into their God given gift, used it to their advantage and because of that, they have gone places they never imagined existed. Their talent has not only helped them, but also the lives of people around them. They have inspired people and everyone in the world will stop to get a glimpse of these extraordinary people. The world will stop rotating around its orbit, for these great men and women. Why? because of their talents.  You don’t believe me, talk about Usain Bolt and you will start getting visual of what I’m talking about.
We all have that special thing God placed in our lives for us to use, to not only benefit ourselves but also those around us and most importantly to serve our God. All we have to do is find out what that special thing is. I know you are asking, how can I find out what that special thing really is? Simple! Put your hand into many different things. Try out different things e.g sports , music, acting, poetry and you will be surprised to hear people say “hey friend, you are actually good at singing or playing hockey”. And that my friend is how you get to know what you are good at.
But that is not the end, you have to practice. You have to put your talent to the test to make it better by each passing day, because, it not only takes talent, but hardwork and a lot of it. As they say, practice practice makes perfect. So get up my brother, go to the field play some football and by doing so you sharpen your football tackticks. As for you my sister, go to church and lend out your beautiful voice to the church choir because if you don’t, God will snatch that voice and give it to someone else. Remember the parable of the talents “matthew 25:14-30” where three servants were given 5 coins, 2 coins and 1 coin respectively by their master! Right! Read the parable and you will fully understand what I’m talking about.
My dear friend as I’m about to depart my pen from paper, I just have one last piece of advice to give. Use your God given ability to the maximum, follow your bliss and doors of opportunity will open where there was once wall as one, once said!.


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