Tag: stability in christ

Apr 2017

I saw the face of God In the streets of Nairobi He had a big smile I could see the last Tooth What a smile that was! He was genuinely happy He said “thank you” I smiled back I forced that smile Because my heart sunk I couldn’t stop feeling Feeling that what I gave him Wasn’t worth all that appreciation I should’ve given more I should’ve given it all For that big smile The smile of God Maybe next time I’ll give more than that bread I’ll give him clothes and......

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Feb 2017

Have you ever noticed that it is in difficult times that you grow stronger? And that you can have peace even in the midst of difficult circumstances? That’s when you are being stretched. When God is developing your character. One of my favorite stories in church history is that of Horatio G. Spafford, a wealthy lawyer and business man who lived back in the 1800s. Spafford’s story is not the success story, however, that we seek nowadays. In fact, he encountered horrendous tragedies in his life. First, he lost his real estate......

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