Tag: poems

Apr 2017

I saw the face of God In the streets of Nairobi He had a big smile I could see the last Tooth What a smile that was! He was genuinely happy He said “thank you” I smiled back I forced that smile Because my heart sunk I couldn’t stop feeling Feeling that what I gave him Wasn’t worth all that appreciation I should’ve given more I should’ve given it all For that big smile The smile of God Maybe next time I’ll give more than that bread I’ll give him clothes and......

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Mar 2017

As he said vanity, so vain say I Oh! Vanity, o vain all under sky; Where is the man can say, Lo, I have found a brittle earth a consolation sound?   What isn’t in honor to be set high? No, the like beast and sons of men shall die, And while they live, how often do they turn their fate: He’s now a captive that was king of late. What isn’t in wealth great treasures to obtain?   No, that’s but labor, anxious care and pain; He heaps up riches, and......

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Feb 2017
How is a Leader in Christ?

Like a flock of sheep under the guidance of a shepherd, Are God’s people, a congregation- like a herd, Two or more together, requires one a leader, In spirituality and faithfulness, word of God; a reader, Steering the wheel informed with knowledge   Like Jeremiah; identified and chosen before birth, By the blood of Jesus, separated from God’s wrath, Like Joshua; guided by God’s command, Running purposefully, eyes fixed on the reward, Qualified before existence, filled with God’s spirit   Day in day out is faced with a fresh challenge, Like laborers......

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