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Mar 2017
The God who Keeps His Word

Issues of truth and trust are crucial in life. We rely heavily upon believing what people tell us. We have to trust what a doctor gives us when we are ill. We rely on the news we hear to be accurate. We hope our lecturers will feed us with the correct information. And these issues of truth are brought more sharply into focus as our society becomes increasingly skeptical of whether anyone is reliable with the truth. Innuendo follows innuendo as public figures fall from grace because off ill-judged words; successful prosecutions......

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Jan 2017

The life of God’s sons is peculiar and He puts on their way a variety of things to handle and among them is, AWAITED GLORY. In fact the Bible tells us that the creation is groaning awaiting the revelation of the Sons of God and on the other hand these sons as Paul said, they groan each day not that they be unclothed but that they be further clothed. It is in the nature of God to pre-empt or to shed some light about the future to His People so that He......

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Oct 2015

Who will take me by my hands and guide me? I am walking to an unknown place without a compass direction and I have stayed for a long time without interacting with geography of any form. I am clueless about life and what it holds. I am struggling in darkness to reach light I cannot see. Whatever am doing right now is so dull,it cannot even produce sparks of light to help me see and get to know a glimpse of what I should be doing. It’s been long and I still......

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