Tag: knowledge

Mar 2017
The God who Keeps His Word

Issues of truth and trust are crucial in life. We rely heavily upon believing what people tell us. We have to trust what a doctor gives us when we are ill. We rely on the news we hear to be accurate. We hope our lecturers will feed us with the correct information. And these issues of truth are brought more sharply into focus as our society becomes increasingly skeptical of whether anyone is reliable with the truth. Innuendo follows innuendo as public figures fall from grace because off ill-judged words; successful prosecutions......

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Feb 2017
How is a Leader in Christ?

Like a flock of sheep under the guidance of a shepherd, Are God’s people, a congregation- like a herd, Two or more together, requires one a leader, In spirituality and faithfulness, word of God; a reader, Steering the wheel informed with knowledge   Like Jeremiah; identified and chosen before birth, By the blood of Jesus, separated from God’s wrath, Like Joshua; guided by God’s command, Running purposefully, eyes fixed on the reward, Qualified before existence, filled with God’s spirit   Day in day out is faced with a fresh challenge, Like laborers......

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Jul 2015

Walking Along the pavements Past the beautiful lawns Well-tended flower gardens An indispensable effort Of the custodians of our environment Thinking Not, maybe a diversity of thoughts in my mind Observing Observation, the skill of an intellectual. 2. A wave, a passing storm on dry land The noise, of high heeled and flat heeled shoes Pounding perfectly on the ground Young lads and gents, scholars Eyes fixed to their destinations Hoping the lecture halls are not packed to capacity Minds thirsty of knowledge Yearning To quench their brains From the fountain of......

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