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Jul 2017
The Convenience Christianity

For generations since the death and the resurrection of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, many have come into saving faith. The truth of the gospel of salvation has brought many into a relationship with God. This birthing of evangelization and missionary work has been marred by persecution and sacrificial lives of men and women who treasured Christ more than life. However, with the establishment of buildings, which I am not opposed to, there has being increased comfort and luxury in many Christians. Making more of Christ was replaced with some convenience......

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Jan 2017

2007-2008 right?  what comes in mind when someone mentions that year to you? I know it is still fresh in our minds as if it happened yesterday and simply because we still suffer from its effects up to date. Talk of homelessness, loss of loved ones, trauma, stigmatization, poverty, pain, injustice etc. 2007-2008 Kenyan crisis was a political, economic and humanitarian crisis as many as 1400 people died and another 180000-600000 displaced in the violence. 2007-2008 events rocked our country and we will forever clutch at our heart-strings. Never in a million......

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