The Suicidal Route- of STGs and STJs

The Suicidal Route- of STGs and STJs
(Last Updated On: June 27, 2018)

The suicidal route- of STGs and STJs

Although gone, the memory of you-my little sister- remains vivid. Having bid goodbye the first two thirds of the 8.4.4 system, the university lay in wait.

Anxious, as anyone else could be, we joined the university village-fresh. City life, which had been a dream, was now a reality. We had a good time to explore. Countless times we were stranded in town with the National Archives serving as a point mark back to campus.

With the first Friday night, came two invites; freshmen’s party and the Christian Union (CU) fellowship; not forgetting it being a moment to exploit, and enjoy, the freedom we had yearned for back in the village. The two events left us in a state of confusion. Excited though naive, we wanted to attend the freshmen’s ‘thing’. I remember the man inviting us talking of drinking, dancing and socializing. On the other hand, the CU did not appear enticing; fellowship first then socialize as we get back to the hostels.

After reasoning, I remember settling for the fellowship, an idea you passionately opposed. Probably, I was not convincing enough although the question what if something bad happened? dominated our conversation. Just as anyone else, you insisted that the party was a one-time affair while the CU was there to stay. Realising that I was not one to give up on my decision, you proposed our attending the sessions separately and share the experience the day after. That marked the beginning of two separate lives in campus.

A little caught up in unfamiliar songs in the fellowship, I felt out of place; not knowing how to sing along. At some point I thought you were right and wanted to walk out. It was not until a familiar song was sang that I put back a little longer. Then came the speaker and the fellowship was over.

I was eager to hear your side of the story the next day. Unfortunately, your phone remained off till noon. Later that evening you texted that I pay you a visit which I could not decline. Shame was all over your face with your eyes kept away from me. Asking of what had happened, you narrated how you enjoyed the dance and got drunk. A man you barely knew danced with you and romantically cuddled you, taking you to a strange world only to wake up in one of the rooms in men’s hostels.

Confused and face down, you ran to your room to freshen up and sober up. After a lengthy talk you promised not to party again. Too bad a young goat had tasted of the fruits of Vachellia tortilis (Acacia) and only a good tether would help. It was pleasing to see you join me in the fellowship the following Sunday which you complained had been boring. I encouraged you it was a matter of time but in vain. You eventually slipped off.

I appeared to you as ‘old-school’ in the midst of your new friends who made you a ‘slay girl’. I invited you for a cup of coffee, fellowships, not to mention class group discussions which you generously declined. Your talks centred on raves and your boyfriend. You always mentioned that CU ‘guys’ are judgemental and that life ought not to be as boring as I was living it. Changing male sex partners to you likens to today’s ladies with their ‘doll shoes’ (one can have three pairs in a month).

When CATs came, there you are begging for class notes, which I shared considering we were long time buddies. Exams approached but you bragged that lecturers were a text away. Your results were admirable all through despite your inconsistent class attendance.


You finally graduated with good sexually transmitted grades (STGs) but you could not face a job interview panel; reason that you were not academically and professionally qualified. You manoeuvred through the system eventually securing a sexually transmitted job (STJ). You pitied me as I moved from one office to another seeking an internship or a volunteer position.

As time passed I got a stable job. At this time, your ‘too big to be retrenched’ status threatened your former boss forcing him to seek transfer without your knowledge. You were left in the hands of merciless and hungry land sharks, who were furious for you had invaded their territory and taken over within a short time. They called for an employee quality assessment and performance appraisal which led to your firing, leaving you hopeless.

Depression crept on you. Shortly you started experiencing regular colds and fever which you suppressed by getting tabs from the pharmacy. ‘Ukonzawa wi mwiu nundu wooma ndukonzeka’ (a piece of wood can only be bent when green, but cannot when it dries up). You started complaining of migraine and sought medication. Laboratory tests confirmed you were HIV positive.

Poor sister, see now what you brought to yourself; hopeless and lifeless on a hospital bed!

AIDS is real. It terminates destinies, generations and families. We can avoid this friends. Let us help our friends entrapped in this web and save the present and future generation.









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October 07, 2018