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It was on Tuesday, 11th October 2016, before leaving for the Evangelism Committee meeting. One of the CU’s Executive Committee member broke the news to me that I had been nominated as the next Bible Study and Training Coordinator. This meant that I would serve in the subsequent Executive Committee. It was a great shock to me for I hadn’t foreseen it. I was at loss for words so he let me go think over and pray about it.

The Executive Committee, commonly referred to as the Exec, is highly esteemed by the CU members not realizing that they are members just like any other. Hudson Taylor would say “They are no giants in strength and no atlas to bear the word upon their shoulders.”

I vividly recall the night of leaders announcement in 2016. It was all glamorous, celebrating the leaders to be. My friend congratulated me and tasked me to read Isaiah 49:1-4 (which I suggest you read too). Later that night I journaled a prayer “…Help me to always remember that you chose me and I didn’t choose you.”

The theme for our training was centered on the wise and faithful servant who gives food to the household at the proper time (Mathew 24:45). A leader, not necessarily a christian leader, is called to a servant leadership. Since leadership comes with power, I have every day been sober not to let power stealth its way into my heart. My desire has always been to be a vessel of service, serving God by His will like King David “Acts 13:36, for when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation…” This has always led me to pray before any meeting or task assigned asking God to fulfill His purposes on me as an ‘Exec’ member and God has been faithful enough to lead us in our meetings and in other endeavours. In our prayers we always tell God that MCCU solemnly belongs to Him and we are His stewards. (Colossians 1:18)

Real characters of the individual committee members were unclothed during the meetings. At times we were at loggerheads and heavy tension reigned. Sometimes the meetings got out of the chair’s hands when the discussion became too hot to handle. Here I saw members leave the meetings numbed to talk.

I have experienced God walking with us every step of the way, concurring with Aggie in the book “Voyages of the Dayspring” where she writes; “I believe in these circumstances that God is always near, because we are where He wanted us to be from the beginning”.  At a point we encountered a great challenge of not being able to access the CU office for over two months due to renovations in the hall where the office is situated. After one of our meetings, we agreed to pray over the situation and unbelievably we had full access to the CU office three weeks later. Sincerely, I can’t recall how it happened but God did work it out for us.

Reflecting on the journey of service, I had this to write in my handover report to my successor;

“It has been a great privilege serving in this docket. Though with a great responsibility, God has surely guided me through. He has been my strength and refuge. I asked Him to help me in planning, organising all the activities and also chairing the committee meetings and he was faithful enough to do it.

 Ask God to help you and order your steps in fulfilling His purpose upon you, the Union members, your committee members and the Executive Committee.

Always pray for your committee and emphasize on the joint committee prayers as unanimously agreed by your committee.

The Executive Committee was a shoulder for me to lean on. They were a family. In them I found lifetime friends whom I greatly learnt from. Please, be deliberate to be at peace with your fellow Executive Committee Members, they play a key role in your service.”

Looking at both sides of the coin, leadership in MCCU is both a privilege and a responsibility. To many I believe it is their first tentative step towards their destiny. In conclusion, I would liken my journey in the ‘Exec’ to a journey in the ocean. Up the vessel goes and down it comes. Though the ocean be stormy and rough, it could also be a wonderful place when calm.



Kevin Mbugua.


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