(Last Updated On: July 17, 2021)

Pursuit of Faith

Awake, way into the night,

Absence not of my beautiful sleep.

I was deep in prayer,

Studying the word,

But still, my walk hadn’t been right.


The prayers I prayed, the Word I read,

I no longer believed.

I had grown into a habit of doubting.

Could this really work wonders? I questioned self.

I wasn’t taking God at His Word,

Perceived not,

the thought that He could do it for me.


The state of my heart, set on the mountain,

This deeply affecting my place on the ground,

Maintaining a steady account of His presence in my race,

But I hadn’t given Him the Wheel to take charge.


What was faith? Was it plunging myself,

Beneath the healing cleaning flood- as the hymn goes-

Or was it making a commitment to self?

Is it building hope, keeping it and having trust throes?

Or its just following blindly!


Yet still, faith is letting go,

Setting my focus on the mountain mover,

After all, He is all that matters above all.

While drenching in my doubts, He spoke.


In barely an audible whisper,

He said, “Every accomplishment

Starts with a decision to try.

Even when before you lies’

Clouds of chaos and confusion

All you have to do is plant yourself in me.”


Even when the force of fear blows fervently,

My heart won’t be moved by circumstances,

His love for me will always fight,

Winning battles for me,

He’ll always be by my side.


Happiness isn’t something I sought after,

Rather from seeking His Kingdom and righteousness

I found contentment.

This was the blessed assurance and

I found rest in Him.


Compiled by Silas Mwandikwa.



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