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Wednesday 11th/12/13

Lord help me remain faithful unto you, You alone and may I ever observe your commands and decrees. Lord curb all plagues, swords, famine, hunger in my life. May Your blessing surround me- all round in my life and my generation .May we be different.

Thursday –Friday 12/13th/12/13

Lord Why have you left me under the care of those who hate me and satan my enemy? Father if your grace is sufficient may it cleanse me and set me free! Free.

Saturday 14th/12/13

Lord have mercy on me. Do not judge me in your anger and let your wrath not come unto me. Forgive me and remember my sins no more ooh Lord. May your love and grace help me to say no to any form ungodliness.

Friday 21st/2/14

It has been long since I opened this page. I have crossed 2014 and just lived it like 2013. Barely is there change in my realms, no, may be am older than before. Any growth in my spiritual, emotional, social life? Nay-I think I should not even talk about it .Well let me for “Once bitten twice shy!”

Near the end of 2013, I had so many things and familiarities that I longed they may die with 2013. Great! at midnight 31st /12/13 I did surrender all my burdens fully unto the Lord. Started a new year of “ RESTORATION- of dreams, visions, gifts, ideas, charisma, favour, love, patience , an endless list…”

Wow! What great thing had I done. In shame one week later all familiarities were back, not even back but in greater magnitude and direction –they had really ceased to be just Scalars, now they were VECTOR quantities. They pushed me into fear and despair. I daily shared the same song with Don Moen “I will sing praise even in my darkest hour” You know what always pushed me? Nothing else than : Procrastination, it always made me think I have a whole decade and century to make things happen. I was so certain that my dreams were to be achieved for Mathew says in Matthew 7: 7“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” And since Hebrews 11 emphasis the need to trust and walk in faith rather than in sight .I almost closed my eyes and let the enigma happen even if it would take place in my 30s or 70s ! I pushed away the need to strain my spheres of life and undertake events that challenges them (spheres of life) completely And that   not knowing a second in my life is in invaluable in any monetary form and no exchange for any that has lapsed. It has taken me to almost the end of February to get back into life.

Friends, before you start laughing at me for ‘ wasting n measure measuring’ my time. It was fear that had made the best part of the ingredients of my procrastination. I always thought of pursuing my vision and dream right across but an inner voice always whispered “What if it doesn’t work, Your friends will take you as a hoverer, no a vagabond ,a joker, doer of many master of none, no time for that concentrate just on what you already know, My friend no need to explore. Come on… ” I remained in my cocoon thinking that the potential will unleash itself not knowing that Les Brown said that “ If you do not use what you have you lose It ” Take this : If Paul our pianists misses his practices for 3 days, he himself knows it, if he misses them for 2 weeks his band members realize it and if for 2 more weeks also his audience will notice it. This is less than what I have been doing. Am hyper in action. I have used my Energies in things of no benefit. Imagine how many joules I have lost in worrying , crying , jerk actions in despair- like watching movies to console, looking for temporary joins and friends ,trying to fake focus and dream and more trying to ignore the awakening call .

I know am not alone in this. If you identify with me well and good. This is my solution, no, not a solution but a drop in The Solution :

Every day has its own cares live to the fullest -meaning that you have to be in Christ, and Christ live in you and more concern is the eternal kingdom.

It is today you will have to be happy and be joyful appreciate yourself in all your trials and endeavors there ought to be no room for guilt and thinking of being a failure, For those who try at a time fail   but those whose who do not try never fail.

It is today you will have to take charge of your life- Letting nobody decide on your behalf, letting nothing scare you, being leader in your life. Do not be a driver who steps on the accelerator while his left leg is on the emergency brakes and says “It is not moving,.” “ooh it is moving..” after withdrawing his leg on the brakes unconsciously , and “ooh it has stopped….” Since total pressure is on the brakes due amazement ,fear and worry.

And as Johnson Mwakazi says “ Have a Time management system, Information management system and Task management system.”

                   This is the hierarchy for information management system:

                         READING     {All senses active n windows of imagination open }

                          LISTENING    {Sight, hearing active and imagination and touch are partly active}

                           WATCHING {Only sight and ears are active no imagination only that on the screen}  



         AND   it is today you ought to have a dream and a vision and start pursuing it for “Passion is focused Energy, Charisma and Strength”

             And more than all said and done, letting YAHWEH reign in your life and The Solution being CHRIST JESUS. It’s Him you need ….


                                                                                                                              By SIMON MUTHEE


                                                                                                                            (Geospatial Eng 2nd Yr )


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