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That night he came in unusually early,

Never been that sober in a long time.

Fear rushed through my weakly body,

Just the other day i watched in silence,

As the beast of a man in my Uncle,

Held my brother from the back.

From the back he thrust in and out,

Moaning and groaning,

Panting and sweating.

Then kicked him to the floor.

This night,

It was my turn,

My bad!


He came in through the front door,

All smiles.

I hated this sun of a gun,

Turned us into his wives,

Raping us turns.

Unable to utter a word, nor cry

I coiled into the corner,

My body turned all cold and smaller,

And for an hour or so, he went on!


For God’s sake he was supposed to mould us,

But he decided to quench his lustful thirst on us.

But we were only children,

Two weaklings,

Too weak to resist,

With no where to turn to,

Who would have spoken for us?


Joy comes in the morning, they say!

But my nights, I dread.




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