MCCU Launches Its Android App, Ios Coming SOON!

MCCU Launches Its Android App, Ios Coming SOON!
(Last Updated On: November 22, 2019)




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  1. Daily Bible reading Plan

A 365 days Bible reading plan (AKJV) (Date, Book Chapters and a Read More button for the whole text reading).

  1. Catalogue

Displays all books in the Library (Book Cover Image, Title, Category, Author, Shelf number, Description and a Request book button).

  1. E-books and Docs

Makes it easier to access Free, copyright free Christian Books and all public domain MCCU Documents e.g. The constitution, Leadership manual, Ministry policies etc. can be accessed by members.

  • Ability to Read books directly through the app
  • Ability to download the books for future reading.
  • Ability to comment and rate a book
  • Ability to search books by Title, category or Author,
  • Display books per category
  • Ability to favorite /bookmark books for read later
  • Ability to share a book via social platforms
  1. PhotoGal Pro
  • Display event photos and Albums
  • Ability to Download photos
  • Ability to favorite photos
  • Ability to Share photos
  • Ability to set a photo as a wallpaper
  • Ability to see the number of views and downloads for each photo
  • Deactivated Feature: Ability to see FEATURED photos, POPULAR and RANDOM photos
  1. Giving
  • Ability to give Online directly to MCCU MPESA PAYBILL
  • Ability to thank and acknowledge the giver through by customized SMS upon successful giving.
  1. Blog

Home Tab
Displays all blog posts from OFFICIAL MCCU website, the order and number post to display is determined by the admin.
Detailed Post

  • Ability to read the whole post in the app
  • A function: text to speech narrator (meant for the blind people who can’t see)
  • Ability to save post for later
  • Ability to share post
  • Ability to comment on a post (Members’ comments will only be visible to the public upon admins approval)
  • Ability to see other members’ comment
  • Ability to reply to a comment

Categories tab

  • Displays blog post categories e.g. Apologetics, Book Reviews, Lyrics, Spiritual Growth

Notifications tab

  • All app notifications will be displayed here i.e. A notification when a new blog post is added, when a post is updated, a specific message from the admin, A specific blog admin wants to inform members about/to read, when new books, or photos are added

Setting Tab

  • Ability to swith between night mode and normal mode, ability to change the theme, ability to change app language.

Saved posts

  • Ability to save/offline a post; read offline posts even without internet connection

Social Platforms

  • Ability to watch all MCCU videos on YouTube order by playlist
  • Ability to visit MCCU social platforms i.e. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, website
  1. Events

Ability to display all MCCU upcoming events (Hot linked from MCCU OFFICIAL website)

  • Display Upcoming Events
  • Display Day Remaining for each event
  • Display Next Upcoming event Count Down
  1. Play Sasa
  • Ability to watch all MCCU VIDEOS in one setting
  1. Trivia – Uncomplete (Next update)
  • Ability to play quiz with other members online
  • Ability to add unlimited quiz categories
  • Ability to Add unlimited questions
  • Ability to add image question

Coming Soon

  • Podcasts (Audio interviews, Audio books, Audio sermons etc.)
  • Online Bible Study/General discussion/Mentorship forums
  • Video Conferencing
  • And many more plus members suggestions

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