(Last Updated On: November 17, 2019)

Life is fragile,

Handle it in prayer.

Prayer is to the soul

As breathing is to the living;

Much prayer much power,

Little prayer little power,

No prayer no power.


We can never give much

For Him who sacrificed all.

Every temptation,

An opportunity to run to God.

He will never withhold anything,

Beneficial to you.

Trust in Him always.


God’s love is like a stream,

Which withstands seasons,

A fountain that never runs dry,

And a sun that never sets.

His love is limitless.

Abide in him,

And he shall fulfill the desires of your heart,


If you keep your treasures in Heaven,

It will mean a lot to you.


If you find yourself holding;

Any pleasure better than prayer,

Any book better than the Bible,

Any person better than a Christian,

Any indulgence besides the hope of heaven,



By Gachoki

MCCU 1991


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