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1 God’s word for today O.Hallesby 1937 A1c A1 Devotional
2 The Bible in focus Focus 1997 A1a A1 Devotional
3 The joy of Christian Discipline Focus A1b A1 Devotional
4 Daily Light on The Daily Path B.Graham A1p A1 Devotional
5 Tales For a Bible Class of Girls Rev.W.E Heygate A1o A1 Devotional
6 Bible Studies for Enquirers and New Believers V.Stacey 1994 A1n A1


7 Daily Power Scripture Union 1994 A1m A1 Devotional
8 Getting to Know your Faith P.Steeves 1977 A1l A1 Devotional
9 Discovery 2 Scripture Union 1975 A1k A1 Devotional
10 Bridge Bible Handbooks Don Fleming 1988 A1j A1 Devotional
11 Good news Easy Reading Book Four United Bible Societies Kenya 1986 A1i A1 Devotional
12 Rightly Dividing the Word or Truth C.I.Scofied 1971 A1l2 A1 Devotional
13 Revelation W.Macdonald 1974 A1f A1 Devotional
14 Leading Training Guide B.Graham A1q A1 Devotional
15 Every Man a Bible Student J.E Church 1978 A1r A1 Devotional
16 Kuwapelekea Waislamu Habari Njema B5m B5 Mission
17 Prayer Pilgrimage Through the Muslims L.Bartltt B5e B5 Mission
18 Taking the Good News to the Muslims B3l B5 Mission
19 Global Warning N Mackay B5k B5 Mission
20 Gates of Hell Joyce B. B5j B5 Mission
22 Evangelicals and Unity J.D Douglas B5i B5 Mission
23 The Master plan of Evangelism Robert E. 1964 B5h B5 Mission
24 Revival Released and Relayed Hugh C.L B5g B5 Mission
25 A Time Lost Missions S.Escober 2003 B5d B5 Mission
26 Crusades B. Graham 1969 B5a B5 Mission
27 A Visions Christian Mission M. Crouch 1993 B5c B5 Mission
28 The Missionary Factor in East Africa Ronald Oliver 1928 B5b B5 Mission
29 Tha New Center B5 Mission
30 Triumphant Missionary Ministry in the local Church N. Lewis 1961 B5q


B5 Mission
31 The Making of a Missionary D.N Sergent 1960 B5n B5 Mission
32 uuuuuu B.Graham 1954 B5o B5 Mission
33 The Modern Missionary Chrisis J. Pickett 1913 B5v B5 Mission
34 Telling Others N.Gumbell B5u B5 Mission
35 Know and Tell the Gospel J. Chapman 1981 B5t B5 Mission
36 The Crowd of Christ J.I.Brice B5s B5 Mission
37 Evangelism Exposition D.J.Kennedy 1978 B5v B5 Mission
38 The Bible Basis of Mission B.Hall 1946 B5w B5 Mission
39 Mission in Chrisis Eric S. Life 1962 B5x B5 Mission
40 Expectation for Evangelism Michael Marshall 1991 B5y B5 Mission
41 Reaching the Families Michael Botting 1976 B4c B5 Mission
42 Explaining your Faith Alister Mecorath 1988 B4b B5 Mission
43 A Call to Witness Oliver J. 1988 B4a B5 Mission
44 A Time for Missions David Smis 2003 B4a B5 Mission
45 Missionary Without Pretending Anne J. Townsend 1978 B4e B5 Mission
46 Evangelism Today’s Church Leslie Woodson 1973 B4l B5 Mission
47 Evangelism by Fire Reinhard Bonke 2001 B4g B5 Mission
48 God’s News Envoys Tetsunao Ya Mamori 1984 B4i B5 Mission
49 What is Evangelism? Doughlas Webster 1959 B4u B5 Mission
50 The New Testament in Todays English University of Lowar A4a A4 Bible
51 Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover 1989 A4d A4 Bible
52 The First Book of Moses Called Genesis Steven Rose 1998 A4c A4 Bible
53 Mark’s Good news Gospel Bible Societies 1994 A4 A4 Bible
54 The Easy To Read Bible A4b A4 Bible
55 The Bible and the Common Reader Mary Ellen Chase 1945 A4l A4 Bible
56 The Gospel of John The Bible Society 1974 A4f A4 Bible
57 Concise Dictonary of the Bible Stephen Neill 1966 A4g A4 Bible
58 The Amplified Old Testament Marshall Morgan 1962 A4j A4 Bible
59 Ecclesiastes or the Preacher Doris Lessing 1998 A4m A4 Bible
60 Know your Bible Psalms W. Graham A4l A4 Bible
61 The Oxford Dictionary of the Church J. L. Cross 1958 A4n A4 Bible
62 Bible Bridge Directory Dan Fleming 1990 A4i A4 Bible
63 Matthew Good News Gospel The Bible Society 1994 A4y A4 Bible
64 In Search of the Real Bible A.D.Howel 1943 A4x A4 Bible
65 Good News Testament American Bible Society A4w A4 Bible
66 Good News for Modern Man A.B.S A4v A4 Bible
67 The Story of Jesus in Luke Bible Society of Kenya 1985 A4u A4 Bible
68 The Book Of Revelation J.B Phillips 1957 A4s A4 Bible
69 The Living Psalms and Proverbs B.Graham 1967 A4r A4 Bible
70 Wisdom for Modern Man ABS 1972 A4p A4 Bible
71 The Christian Life B Graham 1969 A4o A4 Bible
72 A New Translation of the New Testament Dr.James 1936 A4q A4 Bible
73 Ushindi International Bible Society 1989 A5i A4 Bible
74 Old Testament History G.Carter 1932 A5g A4 Bible
75 The New Topic Textbook R.A. Torrey A5c A4 Bible
76 Living Books of Moses 1970 A5b A4 Bible
77 Agano Jipya A5h A4 Bible
78 Interlinea Greek- English Testament Rev. Alfred Marshall 1960 A5a A4



79 Photo Guide to the Old Testament Donald Wisemiam 1975 A5f A4 Bible
80 The Graphic Bible Lewis Browne 1950 A5e A4 Bible
81 Analytical Concordance to the Bible Young A5d A4 Bible
82 Gideon’s New Testament Gideon’s International A5k A4 Bible
83 Holy Bible KJV KJV A5c A4 Bible
84 Belrut Diary Sis Levin 1989 A8c A8 Novel
85 Rebel With a Cause Frankline Graham 1995 A83 A8 Novel
86 Ten Fingers For God Dorothy Wilson 1965 A8l A8 Novel
87 Glimpse of His Glory John and Elizabeth A8e A8 Novel
88 The Norton Reader Arthur M. A8d A8 Novel
89 A Black Christian In South Africa Daystar 1976 A8b A8 Novel
90 The Norton Anthology of Literature Sandra and Susan 1985 A8i A8


9e1 Mountains and Small Hills Bill and Mollie A8L A8 Novel
92 Shadow of the Almighty Elizabeth Elliot 1979 A8g A8 Novel
93 Twelfth Night G.B Harrison A8u A8 Novel
94 Beyond the Popular Mask P. Rukenya 2007 A8V A8 Novel
95 Cream and Cider H. Gibbs 1953 A8 Novel
96 Vanity Fair A novel Without a Hero W. Makepeace 1908 A8s A8 Novel
97 God in the Garden C. Mitchelle 1957 A8r A8 Novel
98 The Nun of Monza M. Mazzucchelli 1963 A8q A8 Novel
99 The Sword And the Flame S. Lawhead 1984 A8p A8 Novel
100 Son of Valour K.N. Phillips 1965 A8n A8 Novel
101 Father Potter of Packham Rev.C George 1955 A8m A8 Novel
102 Christianity is Jewish E. Schaeffer 1975 A8l A8 Novel
103 King Lex W. J. Criag 1905 A8k A8 Novel
104 The Norton Sampler T. Coolpy 1993 A8a A8 Novel
105 Encounter With Canterbury Rev. Edmond 1992 A9b A8 Novel
106 Tell me the Answer about The Lord Jesus Christ Derk Primpt 1968 A9d A8 Novel
107 To me its Wonderful Ethel Waters A9e A8 Novel
108 Ore Rock Country and Backward masking unmasking Jacob Aranza 1985 A9L A8 Novel
109 More Than Equals Spencer Perkins 1993 A9c A8 Novel
110 The Fourth Gospel Sir Edwyn 4 1947 B1a B1 Expository
111 Good News United Bible Society 1989 B1b B1 Expository
112 Is the Bible the word of God W. Graham 1922 B1c B1 Expository
113 Difficulties in the Bible R.A Torrey B1d B1 Expository
114 The Study Hour Series W. Graham B1f B1 Expository
116 The Living Christ And the Four Gospels R.W Dailo 1989 B1g B1



117 From Genesis to Revelation Ridout B1l B1 Expository
118 Expository Dictionary of the new Testament W.E Vine 1941 B1k B1 Expository
119 Lectures on Acts Iron Side 1943 B1j B1 Expository
120 Notes on Leviticus C.H.M 1820 B1i B1 Expository
121 St.Pauls Epistles to the Philistines J.B.Right Foot 1913 B1y B1 Expository
122 Epistles of Pauline Epistles George M. 1926 B1r B1 Expository
123 The First Epistle General of Peter Allan M. 1959 B1w B1 Expository
124 Every Man a Bible Student J.E. Church B1t B1 Expository
125 The Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians Fransis F 1963 B1o B1 Expository
126 Deutronomy H.c. Jones 1951 B1m B1 Expository
127 The Dead Sea Scrolls H.H. Rowley 1957 B1n B1 Expository
128 A Letter of Wise Counsel Edward A. 1957 B1l2 B1 Expository
130 The Voices Of Revelation J.Macbeath B1m B1 Expository
131 Reasoning Faith T.C.Hammond B1q B1 Expository
132 Preparation and Delivery Of Sermons J.Broadus 1870 B1p B1 Expository
133 The New English Bible 1961 B1s B1 Expository
134 The Ministry Of Word F.D.Coggan 1945 A2p A2 Expository
135 Western Asceticism J. Baillie 1958 A3c A3 Expository
136 Light From Bible Prophecy Bauman A2k A2 Expository
137 Daniel the Man Greatly Beloved And His Prophecies 1951 A2g A2 Expository
138 The Shephard Psalms F.B Mayer 1976 A2e A2 Expository
139 The Psalms Of Christian Faith R.B.V.Scott 1958 A2b A2 Expository
140 Who is Jesus Christ A.O.Dyson 1969 A2u A2 Expository
141 Some Old testament Parables J.Struart A2t A2 Expository
142 Quiet Talks about The Grown Christ S.D. Gordon 1914 A2s A2 Expository
143 Bridge Bible Handbooks D.Fleming 1990 A2r A2 Expository
144 Guidance-Some Biblical Principles Oliver R. A2q A2 Expository
145 Notes on Exodus C.H.H A2w A2 Expository
146 The Preacher His Life and Work Rev.J.H. Jowett 1930 A2v A2 Expository
147 A Doctor’s Casebook In the Light of Bible P. Tournar 1963 A2z A2 Expository
148 My Religion Walter and Scott A2y A2 Expository
149 The Making of Luke-Acts Henry J. 1958 A2y A2 Expository
150 Notes on Deutronomy C.H.M A3c A3 Expository
151 In the Steps of the Master H.V Morton 1934 A3b A3 Expository
152 The Paraphrased Epistles A3j A3 Expository
153 The Bible ang Archaelogy Sir. Fredrick K. A3a A3 Expository
154 Abraham Mayer F.B A3h A3 Expository
155 A Paraphrase of St.Paul’s Epistles to thePhillistines 1946 A3g A3 Expository
156 Time to Morn add A Time to Dance Derek Kidner 1976 A3k A3 Expository
157 Bible Book Services Dominic Mutahazi Etad 1997 A3i A3 Expository
158 The First Epistles to the Imprisoned Saints H.Greenwood A2i A2 Expository
159 A Treasury of Christian Books Hugh Martin 1958 A3d A3 Expository
160 The Epistle of Paul to the Phillipians Pro.Rev. Tasker 1959 A2j A2 Expository
161 A Handbook on Tongue Interpratation and Prophecy D.Basham 1971 A2e A2 Expository
162 Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words W.E. Virp 1944 A2h A2 Expository
163 Jesus in Genesis Esses 1974 A2f A2 Expository
164 Witness of the Prophets Rev.G.W.Playfair A2n A2 Expository
165 The Great Physician G.Campbell 1956 A2o A2 Expository
166 The Ressurection of Christ M.Ramsey 1956 A2m A2 Expository
167 The Exodus in the new Testament R.E.Nixon 1962 A2l A2 Expository
168 Second Epistles to the Corinthians Ironside H.A 1939 A2f A2 Expository
169 Joseph Beloved-Hated-Exalted F.B.Mayer B1x B1 Expository
170 Synopsis of the Books as the Bible darby J.N B2a B2 Expository
171 Lectures on Phillipians William Lincoln B1z B1 Expository
172 Four Prophets J.B Phillips 1963 B1y B1 Expository
173 The Old Testament Against its Environment G. Ernest B2e B2 Expository
174 The New Acts Of the Apostles Pierson B2d B2 Expository
175 The Preparation And Delivery Of Sermons Carl S 1938 B2c B2 Expository
176 Man Alive M. Green 1976 B2b B2 Expository
177 The General Epistle Of James R.V 1957 B1l B1 Expository
178 Discovering The Gospel of Mark J Holling South 1950 B2g B2 Expository
179 1 Peter Alan M. 1959 B1w B1 Expository
180 Read Mark Learn A Vidler 1952 B2d B2 Expository
181 In Search Of Noah’s Ark Balsiger and Sellier B2k B2 Expository
182 St.Marks Gospel Norman Price 1984 B2j B2 Expository
183 Scripture In Class Michael Sims -Williams 1955 B2i B2 Expository
184 Exodus D. J. Wiseman B2h B2 Expository
185 Notes on Exodus Pickering 1862 B2l B2 Expository
186 New Testament Commentary Survey D. A. Carson 1993 B2m B2 Expository
187 Through Lent With Luke Margaret H 1986 B2o B2 Expository
188 The Church With Aids L.M. Rusell 1973 B10a B10 Church
189 Cells for Life R. Trundinger 1979 B10g B10 Church
190 Spirit and Truth K. Heim 1935 B10m B10 Church
191 Catholitism and Eamonical John M. 1956 B10n B10 Church
192 Letters to the Young Churches G. Blas 1953 B10l B10 Church
193 Doctrines of the Creed Nisbet 1956 B10l B10 Church
194 Cinderella with Amnesia M.Grilliths 1975 B10j B10 Church
195 Independence of the third World Church P.Wakatama 1978 B10i B10




196 God’s Impatience with Liberia J.C. Wold 1968 B10L B10 Church
197 Conduct Order Doctrine W.M. Branham 1973 B10f B10 Church
198 ClergyTraining Today B.S. Moss 1964 B10e B10 Church
199 Reclaiming the Church R.G.Wood 1987 B10c B10 Church
200 The Majestic Tapesery R.Webber 1978 B10b B10 Church
201 Warnings to the Churches J.C. Ryle 1967 B10y B10 Church
202 Towards an African Church F G. Waley B10x B10 Church
203 Doctrinne in the Church of England S.P.C.K> 1952 B10w B10 Church
204 Second Session Xavier Rynne 1964 B10v B10 Church
205 The Church at the End of the 20th Century F.A Schaeffer 1970 B10u B10 Church
206 Building Up Your Congregation Willard A. 1950 B10t B10 Church
207 The Church on the Spirit F. Greenwood 1925 B10s B10 Church
208 The Apostolic Age Hill 1922 B10r B10 Church
209 The Church of God F.J. Taylor 1946 B10q B10 Church
210 Fundamentalism and the Church of God G. Hebert 1957 b10p B10 Church
211 The Church of our Fathers Baiton 1950 B10o B10 Church
212 The Church is the Problem Samuel O. B11f B11 Church
213 The People of God Donald G. 1957 B11e B11 Church
214 The Christian Approach to Communism Edward Rogers B11c B11 Church
215 Starting a New Church Harlod Lummins 1959 B11b B11 Church
216 Toward church leadership Development 1995 B11a B11 Church
217 Golden Bells SDA Group C86 C8 Hymns and poetry
218 Songs of Worship C85 C8 Hymns and poetry
219 Nyimbo Za Sifa C84 C8 Hymns and poetry
220 Hoyle’s Hymns and Songs C83 C8 Hymns and poetry
221 The Golden Hymnal C82 C8 Hymns and poetry
222 Golden Bells C81 C8 Hymns and poetry
223 Youth Praise C87 C8 Hymns and poetry
224 Junior worship Material N.V. Burgess C10a C10 Hymns and poetry
225 D.G. Rossetti’s poetic Work Ellis and Elvey C10b C10 Hymns and poetry
226 Longer Poems Old and New A.S. Cairrcross 1963 C10c C10 Hymns and



227 Clavinet Technique Fredrick Thurson C9c C9 Hymns and poetry
228 University Sunday Service Songs ofWorship C9a C9 Hymns and poetry
229 The Norton Anthology of Poetry Alexander w. 1983 C9c C9 Hymns and poetry
230 Photo Album D2a D2 CU Records
231 Steps to Christ E.G. White 1971 B8b B8 Christian Teachings
232 Basic Christianity John R. W. 1978 B8a B8 Christian Teachings
233 Hairs Together W. Melvin 1954 B7z B7 Christian Teachings
234 The Christian Faith and Way of Life E.M. Pearson B7b B7



Christian Teachings
235 How to have Assuarance of Salvation R.Bonnke B7a B7 Christian Teachings
236 New Age From Bible View Point M. Basilpa 1984 B7c B7 Christian Teachings
237 Prayer with the New Testament J. Hugget 1988 B7d B7 Christian Teachings
238 Christian Family Life B7e B7 Christian Teachings
239 Dying to live J.Graham 1984 B7f B7 Christian Teachings
240 Forgiveness J.Graham 1991 B7g B7 Christian Teachings
241 The World’s Final Hour H.Lindsey 1976 B7L B7 Christian Teachings
242 Thou Gives They Gather Carmichael 1968 B7i B7 Christian Teachings
243 What is Spiritual Healing D.Webster 1955 B7j B7 Christian Teachings
244 They Met at Calvary Sangster W.E 1953 B7k B7 Christian Teachings
245 Creator R.ED.Clark B7L B7 Christian Teachings
246 Is revolution Change B.Griffiths 1972 B7m B7 Christian Teachings
247 Jesus and Our Generation c.Whitney 1925 B7n B7 Christian Teachings
248 The man Behind our Millenium 1991 B7w B7 Christian Teachings
249 Jesus!Who is He? Bible Societies 1977 B7o B7 Christian Teachings
250 God’s Chosen People Olof 1939 B7p B7 Christian Teachings
251 TheDeath Of Christ J. Knox 1996 B7q B7 Christian Teachings
252 There is a New Day Coming H.Vandir 1983 B7r B7 Christian Teachings
253 Choose Freedom M. Green 1984 B7s B7 Christian Teachings
254 Reading the Bible Today D. Niles B7t B7 Christian Teachings
255 The abc of Follow up R.Smith B7u B7 Christian Teachings
256 Out of Adam into Christ Metcalo J.C. B7v B7 Christian Teachings
257 Reading the Families M.Botting 1976 B7x B7 Christian Teachings
258 Consistent Christianity M.Griffiths 1976 B7y B7 Christian Teachings
259 The Book of the Acts of God G.Enest Wright 1957 B8c B8 Christian Teachings
260 The Jesus Generation B.Graham B8l B8 Christian Teachings
261 The Gospel Conspirancy M.Marshall 1992 B8e B8 Christian Teachings
262 I was the Prayer Before Christmas J.Vernon B8f B8 Christian Teachings
263 Together for Christmas 1987 B8g B8 Christian Teachings
264 Really Free Bible Society 1966 B8k B8 Christian Teachings
265 The life of the Christian C.Campbell 1904 B8d B8 Christian Teachings
266 Spiritual Guidance Fr.Shirley 1948 B8i B8 Christian Teachings
267 Shepherding The flock SL Greenslade B8j B8 Christian Teachings
268 Henceforth HA.Evans B8n B8 Christian Teachings
269 The of the Bible J.E.Fison 1957 B8o B8 Christian Teachings
270 Christian Healing Rev.E.Howard 1933 B8q B8 Christian Teachings
271 Stewards as Grace Donald C. 1958 B8x B8 Christian Teachings
272 To contents to Realities Fransis A. 1974 B8s B8 Christian Teachings
273 Obeying God’s Word Alan M. 1955 B8v B8 Christian Teachings
274 Uvuvi wa Mioyo T.L.Osbarn B8w B8 Christian Teachings
275 Method in Prayer W.Graham B8t B8 Christian Teachings
276 Lord teach us to Worry Robert F. 1986 B8p B8 Christian Teachings
277 In Understanding Be Men Rev. T.C.Hammond 1936 B9b B8 Christian Teachings
278 Christianity or Marxism E.H.Sequiria 1979 B9c B9 Christian Teachings
279 Touch By the Fire American BS 1971 B9e B9 Christian Teachings
280 Making Men Whole J.B.Phillips 1971 B9d B9 Christian Teachings
281 This is Conversion Joost D.B 1957 B9L B9 Christian Teachings
282 This Life and Ours Lesle D. 1932 B8z B8 Christian Teachings
283 A Man in Christ James S. 1935 B8u B8 Christian Teachings
284 On the Ministry Stephen N. 1952 B8m B8 Christian Teachings
285 The Royal Route to Heaven Alan B. B9a B9 Christian Teachings
286 The letters of our God G. Campbell B8L B8 Christian Teachings
287 I and Though M Buber 1957 B8y B8 Christian Teachings
288 Installation Services for all Groups Amy B. 1969 B9l B9 Christian Teachings
289 The Dynamic Faith P.Wilker 1933 B9i B9 Christian Teachings
290 A People’s Life Of Christ J.Peterson 1965 B4j B4 Christian Teachings
291 More Than Equals S.Perkins S. 1831 B4k B4 Christian Teachings
292 Jesus Master and Lord H.E Turner 1953 B9j B9 Christian Teachings
293 Judaism Epstein 1959 B9o B9 Christian Teachings
294 Songs That Lift the Heart G.Beverly 1972 B9n B9 Christian Teachings
295 Resolving Differences in a Christian Fellowship B9m B9 Christian Teachings
296 Developing a Christian Mind N.B.Barcus 1977 B9L B9 Christian Teachings
297 Where Truth and Justice Meet C.Calver 1987 B9k B9 Christian Teachings
298 The Christ of Reformation G.Bless 1946 B4p B4 Christian Teachings
299 Myths and Realities of Old Testament Breverds 1962 B4o B4 Christian Teachings
300 What Meaneth This? C.Brumba C.K. 1947 B4n B4 Christian Teachings
301 Issues in Christian Theology S.Ngewa 1998 B4m B4 Christian Teachings
302 We’re all Special to God David and Madeleine 1990 B4L B4 Christian Teachings
303 Uria Njitikitie C.Kiongo 1990 B4q B4 Christian Teachings
304 Let the Children Know their Father Rebbeca R. B9z B9 Christian Teachings
305 Towards Truth Justice and Reconciliation Gilbert E.M 2005 B9x B9 Christian Teachings
306 Light and Life Sikonska 1989 B9y B9 Christian Teachings
307 Only a Branch B9w B9 Christian Teachings
308 A Bunch of Everlastings F.W.Boreman 1920 B9v B9 Christian Teachings
309 Face up with a Miracle Don Bosham 1967 B9u B9 Christian Teachings
310 What is your God Like Gerald W. 1994 B9t B9 Christian Teachings
311 To me it’s Wonderful E.Waters 1972 B9s B9 Christian Teachings
312 The Four Gospels Stretter 1964 B9r B9 Christian Teachings
313 Patriarchs and Prophets E.G.White 1975 B9p B9 Christian Teachings
314 God’s Psychistry Charles L. B9q B9 Christian Teachings
315 Reconciliation in Christ G.D.W.Lampe 1955 B9d B9 Christian Teachings
316 Facts of Faith Making W. Graham B6e B6 Christian Teachings
317 Religion Real Nels F.S. 1956 B6b B6 Christian Teachings
318 The Way the Truth and Life Maaphasis 1953 B9z B9 Christian Teachings
319 So Great salvation J.F.Strombeck 1955 B6b B6 Christian Teachings
320 Time Valuation why youshould not waste time Joseph O. 2010 B6r B6 Christian Teachings
321 The Plain Man Looks at the Bible William Neil B6s B6 Christian Teachings
322 God’s call can be Fulfilled Rodney W.Fransis 2009 B6k B6 Christian Teachings
323 You’re Quets For God Richard A. 1985 B6j B6 Christian Teachings
324 Maximised Manhood E. Lowis 1974 B6i B6 Christian Teachings
325 The Intercendiary Fellowship D. Elton 1967 B6v B6 Christian Teachings
326 Word of God in the Life of Man Canon E.F. Carpenter 1955 B6u B6 Christian Teachings
327 Mwanamke Mwenye Furaha Ang Son Yoo 1999 B6w B6 Christian Teachings
328 Quiet Talks with World Winners S.D.Gordon B6p B6 Christian Teachings
329 How to be Happy Through Human W. Beran 1932 B6o B6 Christian Teachings
330 Remember the Prisoners P. Masters 1986 B6m B6 Christian Teachings
331 What is Human? T.M.Kitwood 1970 B6l B6 Christian Teachings
332 Victorious Christian Service Alan Redpath B6v B6 Christian Teachings
333 The King in His Beauty Miles Lowel 1957 B6h B6 Christian Teachings
334 The Act of Bible Reading Dyke 1996 B6g B6 Christian Teachings
335 Future Survival Chuch Smith 1989 B6t B6 Christian Teachings
336 The Notebooks of Florence Allshorn St.Jullian’ s Community 1957 B6x B6 Christian Teachings
337 Progress in Prayer Caussed 1904 B6y B6 Christian Teachings
338 Witnesses after He died they saw Him again V.Mcgg 1967 B6zL B6 Christian Teachings
339 Voiceless but not Speechless Bshp.Duncan Mboyo 2010 B6Az B6 Christian Teachings
340 Christ’s Messengers C.F.D.Moulp B6A6 B6 Christian Teachings
341 Revolution In World Missions K.P.Yahoman 2004 B6A3 B6 Christian Teachings
342 Towards an African Church F.G.Walch 1962 B6A2 B6 Christian Teachings
343 Walking in the way of the Lord Christopher J.H. Wright 1995 B6A4 B6 Christian Teachings
344 Looking for God Nigel Holmes 1998 B6A1 B6 Christian Teachings
345 The Catholic Church and world Religions Burns and Oates 1913 B6A5 B6 Christian Teachings
346 Science and Health Mary B. 1934 B6A8 B6 Christian Teachings
347 Basic Christianity John Scott 1958 B6A8 B6 Christian Teachings
348 Food for Life Peter Lee B6A10 B6 Christian Teachings
349 The prayer of the Universe Telchard De Chardin 1965 B7Al B7 Christian Teachings
350 The Mystery at Moral Re-Armament Tom Dribery 1964 B7Aa B7 Christian Teachings
351 The Hand Awakening H.B Dehgani 1981 B7A3 B7 Christian Teachings
352 Alpha Questions of Life Nicky Gumbel 1993 B7A12 B7 Christian Teachings
353 Heart to Heart Grace Kimathi 2012 B7A11 B7 Christian Teachings
354 Our Life Together John F. Devries 1976 B7A10 B7 Christian Teachings
355 Set the trumpet to thy mouth David Wilkerson 1985 B7A9 B7 Christian Teachings
356 Damascus Appointment Gerald Derstine 1976 B7A8 B7 Christian Teachings
357 Christian Family Life Esther Andersen B7A7 B7 Christian Teachings
358 Go Free Robert M.Horn 1976 B7A6 B7 Christian Teachings
359 Jesus and His People Paul S. Minear 1956 B7A4 B7 Christian Teachings
360 Amazing Blessings for Destiny Connectors Grace W. 2006 B7A5 B7 Christian Teachings
361 A Faith of Christian H. Marya 1956 B7A27 B7 Christian Teachings
362 For all Mankind Struart Blanch 1976 B7A24 B7 Christian Teachings
363 Faith in God Richard Eyre 1990 B7A23 B7 Christian Teachings
364 Understanding the Power of Potentiality in you Kisika Sam 2011 B7A22 B7 Christian Teachings
365 The Reincarnation Sensation Norman Geisher 1987 B7A27 B7 Christian Teachings
366 Residue of Days Redwood H. 1958 B7A20 B7 Christian Teachings
367 The Gospel Victor Buks Bazen 1954 B7A19 B7 Christian Teachings
368 Beyond the Popular Mask Peterson B.Ukenya 2007 B7A15 B7 Christian Teachings
369 Distinctions In the Time of Apostasy Afolabi O. Lahelp 2011 B7A17 B7 Christian Teachings
370 Celebrating Families Lawrence Diana 1995 B7A16 B7 Christian Teachings
371 A.D 1990 Road to Christian Unity A.H.Dammers 1966 B7A14 B7 Christian Teachings
372 The Lord from Heaven Leon Mories 1960 B7A36 B7 Christian Teachings
373 Choosing and using Hymns Lionel Dakers 1985 B7A34 B7 Christian Teachings
374 No Final Conflict Fransis A. 1977 B7A33 B7 Christian Teachings
375 A World Without Windows Derek Tilball 1987 B7A32 B7 Christian Teachings
376 When you Pray with Young People 1988 B7A31 B7 Christian Teachings
377 The All-Sufficiency of Christ C.H.Mackintosh B7A30 B7 Christian Teachings
378 Why be a Christian? Gordon N. B7A29 B7 Christian Teachings
379 A year of Grace Victor Gollance B7A26 B7 Christian Teachings
380 An Alarm to the Uncovered Joseph Alleine 1959 B7A26 B7 Christian Teaching
381 Children in the Church Family Maggie D. 1984 D4a D4



Children’s Literature
382 The Great Sermon of Child Jesus 1977 D4b D4 Children’s Literature
383 Let’s Play X Edna Geister 1923 D1f D1 Others
384 Kenya Telephone Directory Telkom Kenya 2006 D1g D1 Others
385 Mathematics Crenshaw P 1930 D1h D1 Others
386 Townsmen A.W. South all D1e D1 Others
387 Renewing the Caritas Consideration Caritas International D1d D1



388 Multipatism-without Demo S. Kichamu 2001 D1e D1 Others
389 Citizens Atlas D1a D1 Others
390 Communism Dr.Fred Schward D1k D1 Others
391 Who in the World? Christian Schippper D1j D1 Others
392 A Black Christian in Southern Africa Dayster Reporter 1976 D1i D1 Others
393 Kenya Towards a Hearse Nation Gilbert E.M. 2005 D1L D1 Others
394 Rome Edoardo Bonechi D1N D1 Others
395 You and Your Rights 1998 D1q D1 Others
396 Plain Words Ernest Gowers 1948 D1r D1 Others
397 Counselling in the School Geoffrey Wango 2007 D1m D1 Others
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441 +