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The science behind the rewards of solitude is pretty phenomenal. It has given me time to be alone to actually shut down the part of the brain responsible for self-criticism, firing up the part of my brain that contains my natural state of genius. It has allowed me dig deeper into some subject. Though I don’t give a blissful traverse in Katherine Hepburn statement, it makes me understand where she was coming from when she said, “Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.” I may sound cynical trying to explain her thought but it is of necessity. If I don’t, it is possible that somebody’s future may never be serene. Some people, no matter HOW powerful the tools and strategies you give them, they’ll still do nothing with it. Why? Unless something changes you will remain of the world forever and your dreams of ever seeing a noble woman will slip away. The by default alternative to slipping the dream is being connected to the source- the trinity.
I often hear people dispute the question, “Are good relationships born or are they developed?” Some think it takes a unique type of populace to be content. To me, a good relationship is not that big a deal (though seems to be in the current cohort); you just live it! YOU JUST LIVE IT! Whereas the bible meant completeness and happiness in its end, many people in it, sorry to say, seems to hate, annoy if not bust their fellows. I then wonder why people have to get in it in the first place- thank God the weekly DALLIANCE goes a long way with my infinite thoughts about this. Perhaps it did serve best to provoke my mind when it emphasized that it is the high time that people must stop loving with their emotion(s) and start loving with their head. Woe unto you who talk of loving with the heart. The bible clearly tells me that the heart of man is desperately wicked above all things… so you understand why I don’t trust it. As stated, God did have and still has I believe, every paranormal explanation to say that, ‘…it is not good for man to stay alone.’ Otherwise, people could have stayed alone and just hook up when the situation demand. God knew it works thus it is written keep the marriage bed pure.
In relationships, the Great Game of Success, society suggests, is won by filling our days with dates, raves, complexity in relationships (relationship not my best word), and our hours of proud moments to undesired characteristics of interruption, distraction and overstimulation. Society will tell us that money may go a long way to settle everything, or so ‘campus students’ believe to compliment their so desired lifestyle of relationships- yes, lifestyle of relationships, not a grammatical error, from one to another. May somebody understand that this is a spiritual institution and can only be sustained and lived spiritually natural! I think I should make myself understand that money will eventually come, but in an ironical twist, when it does, the things of youth will be gone, along with my poverty. A deeper inquiry into the worlds matter will make you realize that you have no real friends because man’s source is more important to maintain than friendships. For the sake of any doubt, this is because God’s love is unconditional and unchanging; ‘man’s’ love changes with maturity. One can certainly get to understand relationship in spiritual realm in which woman existed when God said it is not good…let us make him a helper.
In the midst of this controversial perception, there are still people of the rare-air production and of epic performance, who know of a different game. Most of the best of the best spend a ton of time alone; walking in the wilderness; thinking in a room; communing with deep pockets of total solitude; getting wild from the confines of the world, breaking free of the chains of “normal thinking” and going deep into the loftiest realms of glory, spirit and introspection. I mean they are not influenced by the world’s frenzy. This is what the bible says by, ‘…he went into a solitary place…’ in which he (Jesus) would get the revelation of the mysteries of the kingdom of God. Likewise, they get the uncommon insight following key points on the imperative of ritualizing the original intention from God. Their brain waves slow down from beta to alpha; from what people say to reality. When this happens amid solitude, the part of their brain responsible for self-criticism, mental chatter and constant worry shuts down. They let their monkey mind on a little vacation and enter the flow state, the zone where all great performance begins. Here, their neurochemistry is altered and the neurochemical of inspiration get released; the neurochemical of bliss shows up; and the neurochemical of pleasure kicks in. They begin to see around corners and solve problems that few humans ever get to solve. This is their natural state available to them daily.
Unfortunately, most don’t know they have it. And not many create the conditions to experience it. You can by going to solitude consistently. Solitude involves shutting your mind from what the world says. Ok. I trust you’ve found this piece of value. Let the love story start with us, us who are made the righteousness of Christ. In the perilous sea of voyage, we will draw many who are heartbroken to reality. We will save those who by one night turn their HELB to alcohol; those who have vowed to come to church if sacrament was turned to weed cookies, and wine brought in with gallons there standing Nicki Minaj leading praise and worship- God save us.
As always, hope it serves your rise up to extreme achievement beautifully…


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