(Last Updated On: April 12, 2017)

Blue litmus paper turns red when it is exposed to an acidic substance. Whereas a red litmus paper turns blue under alkaline conditions. Does this sounds familiar? The scientific tests distinguishes acidic from alkaline substances. But in John N. N. Ng’ang’a’s book, Integrity The Litmus Test Of Good Leadership, he tells us that the true test that tells us the true stuff that a leader is made of is unmistakably the fruit of integrity.This is because a good tree cannot bear bad fruit nor a bad tree bear a good fruit. (Mat 7:18)

Do you believe you can be honest and still succeed in your business?  Especially in this current generation, economy and lifestyle amidst dealing with critical issues such as money, truthfulness and speaking out issues. We are living in a country where many people claim to be leaders but few have what it takes to be leaders. Integrity The Litmus Test of Good Leadership has all the answers that you seek.

John N.N Ng’ang’a has divided it into three basic parts;

  1. Basis of integrity
  2. Corporate integrity
  3. Personal integrity

John N.N Ng’ang’a, expounds on worldview as it being a set of beliefs about fundamental aspects of reality that ground and influence one’s perception, thoughts, knowledge and way of doing things. He says that worldviews also referred to as one’s philosophy of life mindset, outlook on life formula for life ideology, faith or even religion. He further talks of aspects of worldviews reality being epistemology, metaphysics, cosmology, teleology, theology, anthropology, axiology, among others. You can widen your scope using this book.

In many cases we feel justified that we have a right to do, maybe, maybe not. Have we ever thought that it may not be what is right to do? Finding it hard to change undesirable character traits to good character? Ng’ang’a has all the answers.

Integrity The Litmus Test of Good Leadership by John N. N. Ng’ang’a is an incisive and most needed book not to be missed. Hasten your steps to get a copy of your own at 500/- shillings only while stocks last at the Literature desk.




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