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When my plane cruises in dark skies

And my ship sails across turbulent waves

Beyond the control of my prudence

Where technology gives no providence

Fear remains unknown to me

For in your embrace, I rest


When strong winds come

Sweeping dark clouds across the skies

Intense rains, flooding the result

Washing to the oceans every living creature

Firmly unto you I will hold

For in your embrace, I rest


When intense heat in the core

Producing strong seismic waves

Shake the whole earth, disturbing all waters

Shifting the roots of the mountains

Deeply rooted in you I shall remain

For in your embrace, I rest


When friends leave me

Family members turn their backs on me

Relatives get ashamed of me

In falsehood, am crucified

My eyes look upon you

For in your embrace, I rest


When the path gets narrower

And the journey seems endless

Life plots a scheme of ill-will against my personality

And burning spears pierce my heart

Waves of the youth move against my principles

I will not hesitate to swim against the tides

For in your embrace, I rest


Lord Jesus,

Holy and merciful describes you.

By James Muimi


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October 07, 2018

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