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(Last Updated On: July 15, 2014)

Reviewer: Munyoroku

Do you have a burden of sharing the love of Christ to everyone you encounter? When is the last time you lead someone to Christ? Have you ever heard the Holy spirit of God compelling you like Phillip to share the gospel maybe to someone you were sited together in a matatu? Do you know the joy that comes with leading a sheep that is lost back to the shepherd? Some of these questions are very personal and are good to meditate on as a Son of the Most high. I have realized that many Christians live, walk, sit, work and dine with sinners and yet they don’t tell them about the love of our lord Jesus and his saving grace.

It was until Makubo, a friend gave me a book by R.A TORREY titled “How to Work For Christ” that I realized I was asleep and I needed to wake up. After reading this book, the fire to evangelize was on me and after meditating on those lessons I can assure you that i have lead a few souls to Christ. This book focuses on personal work of leading souls to Christ and not the pulpit preaching(without undermining it) since many Christians think that unless they get a pulpit they can’t share the love of Christ. He starts by exposing the importance, advantages and the conditions of success for personal work in the first two chapters. He builds it up by showing where to do personal work, how to begin and how to deal with those who realize their need of a Savior and really desire to be saved. He picks it up by explaining how to deal with those who have little or no concern about their souls and how to deal with those who have difficulties. He continues to share on how to deal with those who entertain false hopes not leaving those who lack assurance. In the other chapters, he deals with backsliders, skeptics, infidels and those who say they need more time to make a decision. As he comes to a close, he candidly shares on how to deal with the deluded and Christians who need counsel, rebuke, encouragement, or comfort. He finishes with offering some hints and suggestions for personal work. In these short 15 chapters with more than a thousand scriptures confined in only a few pages. This is a must read for every Christian who want to obey the command by our Lord Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20 of making disciples. God bless you as you ran to the nearest bookshop to get your copy.


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