How is a Leader in Christ?

How is a Leader in Christ?
(Last Updated On: February 16, 2017)

Like a flock of sheep under the guidance of a shepherd,

Are God’s people, a congregation- like a herd,

Two or more together, requires one a leader,

In spirituality and faithfulness, word of God; a reader,

Steering the wheel informed with knowledge


Like Jeremiah; identified and chosen before birth,

By the blood of Jesus, separated from God’s wrath,

Like Joshua; guided by God’s command,

Running purposefully, eyes fixed on the reward,

Qualified before existence, filled with God’s spirit


Day in day out is faced with a fresh challenge,

Like laborers in the vineyard, every day is tillage,

Looking unto Messiah there lays an everlasting solution,

Unlike the earthly kingpins who seek reputation,

He sticks to the commandments, studying them; teaching them


Even at the face of death, he stands there undisturbed,

Looking at God the Father and trusting Him for deliverance,

Like Joshua and Caleb; he goes ahead with perseverance,

As Esther the queen; she prays in persistence,

Like Jesus Christ our Lord, he lets the will of God be done


As a shepherd leadeth the flock,

Is the man of God at the click of the alarm clock,

Always in repentance, asking God for forgiveness,

Carefully listening to God, not overlooking His responsiveness,

In spirituality and faithfulness, word of God; a reader




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October 07, 2018

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