It’s a ministry under the creative ministry (CREAM) headed by the Praise and worship coordinator. Helps in organizing the praise and worship activities in the union, target members of the Union as well as the whole University community.

The Purpose of Our Worship of God

The purpose of our worship is to glorify, honor, praise, exalt, and please God. Our worship must show our adoration and loyalty to God for His grace in providing us with the way to escape the bondage of sin, so we can have the salvation He so much wants to give us. The nature of the worship God demands is the prostration of our souls before Him in humble and contrite submission. James 4:6, 10 tells us, “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up”. Our worship of God is a very humble and reverent action.


“BEST-P” is an acronym for Bible Exposition Self – Training Program. It is a long term group-oriented training program on Bible study and expository preaching skills


Bible Exposition Self-Training Program focuses on skills of Bible study, bible exposition, and preparation of bible study guides. The group is initially trained on inductive Bible Study, principles of bible interpretation and the art of sermon preparation and presentation.

The group will then decide on the book(s), passages or themes of the bible to be studying. Each participant will be assigned a study unit. In their personal study, the participants will do a thorough study seeking to apply the skills learned and organize the study materials into a sermon. After this, every participant will do a presentation with the rest of the group members forming the audience. The group will evaluate the work focusing on the interpretation of the text, the flow, and the content of the sermon and the manner of presentation. They will make their contributions and comments which the presenter will consider in his final write-up and future presentations. Since evaluation is a key aspect of this training, the group will use a detailed evaluation form.


In charge of all the catering activities in the union. The ministry is under the 1st vice-chair. The ministry also trains the members of the catering. It also participates in the preparation of refreshments for the union.


  1. A ministry under the first vice-chair in the union. Involved in
  • Peer educators/HIV&AIDS
  • Sickbay and Hospital Ministry
  • Children’s department

In addition to having the sorrow that is felt for the suffering of others, it is a willingness and an urge to assist them. The word actually means to do something about feeling sorry, to be affected by their situation. It is to enter into one’s sorrow and pain. When we feel true compassion, we will be moved inwardly. Having empathy; to have one’s heart reach out toward the needs of others. To be compassionate, to pity; to be kindhearted. It means to be tenderhearted; to be sensitive and affectionate, to be moved with tender feelings over the pain and sufferings of others.


Dance Ministry glorifies God in the skill of dance.
As true Worshippers extends the Word of God by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through dance. The ministry dances a dance of praise, worship, warfare, celebration, thankfulness, and many others that minister to the needs of God’s people. The vision of the ministry is to be used to set the atmosphere for the Word of God, and release a spirit of freedom in praise and worship.


Under the Creative ministry. Uses plays and skits to glorify God. Also, it helps the members to grow spiritually and also in bond to one another.


It’s under the Literature and Media Committee. The ministry solicits and edits materials for publications and makes such publications available to the readers and so enhances creative writing among members of the Union


Helps the union in  Updating the Union’s website, administrate the Union’s computers and peripherals with applications thereof, trains all computer users as organized by the Secretary on the basic operation of the computers.

The ICT ministry is also in charge of the ICT classes which helps the union members who are interested in gaining the computer skills and also wich produces the members who help the union in the ICT work


God calls all Christians to be intercessors. It is God’s desire that every believer is active in intercessory prayer. What a wonderful and exalted privilege we have in being able to come boldly before the throne of Almighty God with our prayers and requests. INTERCESSORY ministry is under the prayer department which is usually involved in seeking the face of God at all times in and out of season.


Under literature and media. In charge of photography in the union and recording the sermons during the Sunday and Friday fellowships. Also, it is involved in recording the videos in the union.


Ministry under the evangelism committee. Mandated with nurturing young believers in their walk with God. Usually devoted to assisting young disciples of Jesus as they grow in their relationship helps them to experience the love of band God’s profound sense of wonder, gratefulness, and trust.


this is the choir of the church. They do ministrations through songs during the time of giving, and any other time allotted to them. The team is headed by the I/C Graced Voices sitting in the CREAM committee


A ministry under the 2nd vice-chair in the union. Involved in all sound activities in the union. The ministry also oversees the instruments in terms of their use and maintenance, storage, repair and replenishment

The instruments include the public address (PA) system, electric accessories, music instruments and the like.

Also, it’s a family that helps all its members to grow as a family both spiritually and also in gaining instrument connectivity skills. All members of the union are always encouraged to join the ministry.


Under creative ministries. The purpose of ushering in the church is not merely to serve people. Its purpose is to serve God. When the ushers see to it that an atmosphere of reverence and order is maintained before, during, and after the service, they do it for God.. When they gather the offerings, they serve God. What they do, they do not “as unto men, but unto God.” They are a part of the total congregation that presents itself before God to worship Him. The ministry helps the members to grow both spiritually and in gaining skills


The Main campus Christian Union technologies (MCCUTech) is an enterprise established by the Main campus Christian union of the University of Nairobi whose vision is, becoming the best one-stop service provider of all design work and IT consultancy for the entire Christian community in Kenya and the mission is to raise funds for the union and continuously equip the ICT and publicity members with relevant skills in web design, and video editing.

The funds raised are used in funding activities of the union in line with the union’s core values which are discipleship, evangelism, missions, and leadership development. Our core values are godliness, professionalism, diligence, and service.


Main campus Christian Union Technologies does all the best to provide up-to-date technology services. We are a team of undergraduate students offering the following IT services;

  • Website design and development
  • Print media design (Graphic Design)
  • Search engine Optimization
  • Video editing at affordable prices

We also work with churches to upgrade their IT and furnishing their software needs. Offered also are classed as required by each church. For those churches found outside Nairobi, classes can be offered through social media and email.