1. Description

It is a body of evangelizing Christians bound together by a common faith in the only God and joined together by a common obedience to the great commission of our savior and lord Jesus Christ to go and make Disciples of all nations. Its non-political, non-denominational and non-tribalisticorganization, non-profit making. Its affiliated to Main and Chiromo Campus Christian unions and the entire NoretSoret university of Nairobi. It is also found in other universities across the country.

Theme Verse

Mathew 28:19-Therfore go and  make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holyspirit.


Introducing people to Christ Jesus and bringing them into reconciliation with God beginning from northern and southern parts of Riftvalley to the rest of the world.

ü  To spread the gospel majorly in theRiftvalley and other parts of the country.


ü  Living to the call of Christ

Core values

ü  Integrity, Elegance, Upholding Kingdom valuesLove,Godliness,Humility and Patience.


Venue Time Day of the Fellowship
Chiromo Sanctuary/Ufungamano Conference room 5-7pm Sunday


  1. Weekly events

-Friday prayers at the Tennis court from 5:30-6:30pm

-Jogging/Field exercises on Wednesday at the pitch from 5:30-7pm

3. Major upcoming events

-SORET mission at Singiroini, Kajiado on September,2014.

4. Leadership structure.

At the university level, there is the main leadership of the fellowship for both Noret&Soret. At the campus level (Main/Chiromo), there is the following structure of leadership.

The officials currently holding office (2014/2015).

Position Name
Chairperson (dad) Marcel Topoti
Vice-chairperson (mum) Abigael Serem
Secretary Agnes Jelagat
Organizing Secretary Bethwel Kitum
Associates & Partnership coordinator Vicoty Chepkoech
Prayer coordinator Karanja Njuguna
Assistant prayer coordinators Daisy Kiploman
Praise and worship coordinator Benjamin Kemboi
Assistant Praise and worship coordinator Mercy Chebet
Module two representative Wilkister Sergon


5. How to join/Membership requirements

There are no membership registration fees. It is not restricted to only members from the North and South Riftvalley, anyone can join.