Nyanza Evangelistic Team (NET) was founded in 1980 by a group of students at the University of Nairobi’s Main Campus. The ministry was born out of need to reach out to the then Nyanza Province with the gospel of Jesus Christ, thus the name: NyanzaEvangelisticTeam (NET).The team has grown from a dozen of committed Christians to more than a thousand members, theteam’s major focus is on evangelism and its flagship activity on semi-annual and annual missions.NET has grown in membership, now spanning all the public universities in the country. The ministry is registered as an independent Christian trust and flourishes under board of trustees over the last three decades. The ministry also partners with churches especially in carrying out its mission work in line with her vision and mission.


A society where people live in peace with GOD and with one another


To evangelize, prepare and equip believers to rightly divide the word of truth, obtain an enhanced spiritual growth,effectively declare the message of scripture, mature in their knowledge and be committed to a lifestyle that enriches the church and society.


FELLOWSHIP: We value fellowship that offers us the opportunity to encourage and strengthen one another in the spiritual journey.

TEAM WORK: We value T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Accomplishes More) approach.

INTEGRITY: We value integrity and encourage each member of the team to be good examples to others in holiness and purity.

RESPONSIBILITY: We believe in responsibility and being good stewards capable of managing what God has given us including families and jobs.

DISCIPLINE: We believe in discipline and respect the authority of the word of God and the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Board of Trustees

National Co-ordinating Council

Regional Executive Committee

Workers       Cell Groups   Student Units


NET UoN is one of the student Units, in UoN there are again five sub units namely:Chiromo-Main,Lower kabete-Parklands,Upper Kabete,Kenya Science and Kikuyu. These units are under the Christian Unions in their respective Campuses.

Chiromo- Main Campus Unit which fall under Main campus Christian Union operate their fellowships as follows:

Every Wednesday From 6-7am; Morning Devotion for all members in Ufungamano Chapel.

Every Saturday From 6.30-7.30pm; Evening conclusion prayers for all in Ufungamano Chapel

Every Sunday unless communicated otherwise From 2-4pm; Fellowship in Hyslop Building in Science Lecture Theatre 2.


(a)                    Full membership shall be open to all undergraduate students admitted at the University of Nairobi professing the Christian faith.


(b)   Associate membership of the team shall be open to all former students of the University of Nairobi who would otherwise qualify had they not left campus, post graduate students or even other members of staff or spouse of other members


(c)    There will be no membership fee. Members will be expected to make contributions as amicably agreed upon by them and as the Lord leads them.


Document prepared by Ayata J.O(Chairperson 2013/2014)