CBF-UoNis an Evangelistic Team formed under the umbrella of Main Campus Christian Union of University of Nairobi. It comprises of born again Christians who come or have an affiliation to mainly the coastal region or any other region and have chosen to be part of the fellowship.

Apart from sharing the same mission and vision as MCCU, CBF also endeavor to reach out to other students in campus and the community at large through missions.

CBF also provides a family environment where the members find a home in a cohesive social group of coastrians whose togetherness and brotherly hood is simply indispensable.

CBF Theme verse is

Psalms 133: 1 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”-KJV.


Brief History of CBF:

CBF existence can be traced way back before the year 2000.

At the formative years, CBF experienced challenges butthe vigilance and commitment of the few members and leaders then saw to it that it became an established and effective E-Team in 2003/2004. These were the likes of Mwalimu Menza and Earnest Lewa who oversaw the introduction and revival of CBF in not only UON but also in surrounding universities and campuses such as KU.

The members used to meet at Chiromo Campus for about 2 years, where it was easier to get a venue then. As the numbers grew especially from the main campus side, the venue was changed to Mamlaka Dining hall. Later on the members had to meet at Taifa Hall before MCCU secured the fellowship the current and more permanent venue. The venue happens to be Science Lecture I at Hyslop building, Main Campus.

CBF has been involved in several missions in the past. Examples are: The Malindi mission that CBF conducted in partnership with JCC-Malindi. They also organized and went for missions to Murang’a. Most recently is the Marafa mission at theMalindi coastal region that they have been involved in for the past 3 years(since 2012).

Over the years, CBF has produced bold members that,by God’sgrace, were able to serve at executive level of Chiromo Campus, Main Campus and Medical School Christian unions. These were the likes of: Amani Martin and Nick Mwamuyeboth served as the chair to Chiromo campus Christian Union. Karanja Anthony –served as Chair, MCCU. Hope Mwakughu- served as Prayer Coordinator MCCU.Amani Menza served as 2nd Vice in MCCU.  Linet Makazi –served at Medical school. Tony Onyango-served as 2nd vice to MCCU. Dennis Mombo–served as MCCU chairperson.

CBF has also produced several couples that are still happily married and holding on to the faith in the Lord. These are the likes of: The Menza’s (Mary Mwakughu and Mwalimu Menza), The Kiti’s (Kiti and Naomi).

Other members and leaders that passed through CBF have been loyal and supportive associates of CBF and continue, up to date; to stand with the E team as it dispenses its mandate.

Today, CBF is still growing in spirituality, faith and togetherness both at a corporate and individual level.


Venue, Time and Day of meetings:

Venue: Hyslop Building, Science Lecture I at Main Campus

Time: 2pm -4pm

Day: Every Sunday (unless shown otherwise in the events calendar)


Weekly events:

  1. Every Sunday, 2-4pm, fellowship service at Hyslop building , Main Campus-UON
  2. Every Friday-prayer and fasting. Culminates with Joint Prayers  at Graduation grounds, 6-7pm
  3. Every Thursday, soon to be rolled out Bible study group meetings in members room at the sub groups convenient times.

How to Join CBF:

Visit us during our services, activities and fellowship with us.

Contact any of our leaders or MCCU members for direction and more information.

Request to join our active facebook group (COAST BRETHREN FELLOWSHIP) for more information.