FIRST THINGS…….By Seth Jaoko;2nd year

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2014)

Priority is doing the most important and urgent undertakings first. Living a life of making most use of the opportunities we have is the best way of practicing out our Christianity. There are absolutely and infinitely wants and needs in this life. For us to be productive, it’s imperative that we as Christians,engage only in those tasks that will meet our vision and mission of life, which is pleasing our commanding officer.

Life is in such a way that all of us, regardless of who we are, can perfectly fit in it. The problem comes only when some of us fit into the wrong ends because of our misplaced priorities. We therefore stick around thinking that we are on the right path, not knowing that it may be perfectly on the side that is not in line with the description that was custom-designed or made for us by the master designer.

Life is beautiful to those who make it beautiful by seeking the author of life. Romans 12 commands us to offer our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God. This is our spiritual act of living ; not conforming to the patterns of this world.

It therefore calls upon each one of us to be extra vigilant and be alert lest we swim through life without any purpose. The end of every matter is the most important. Let us all begin to make our ends fruitful by doing the first things first.


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