DarK WorlD….

DarK WorlD....
(Last Updated On: June 27, 2014)

It’s so close to us
In the vicinity around us
Hovering all over us
Day and night
Come rain, come sunshine.

Some find it hard to believe
Others see it in their dreams
Others talk about it in hushed tones
It’s here with us, more than ever.

I thought demons were a fairy tale
That a human can turn into an animal!
To many;
A traditional story around the fire place
To scare children from going to the jungle
Till I came across them
Inhabiting an innocent child’s body
So violent,
Causing it to writhe like a serpent.

Ever wondered of many misfortunes
Attacking millions of mankind?
The evil world is at work.
Demons, spirits , ghosts are real
They may not appear as they do in pictures
But they can possess and change the course of your destiny.

Search no more
In the Good book,
The Prince of Peace cast them into abyss
By his mighty power
It’s time to rise and resist the devil
And he will flee from us.


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October 07, 2018

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