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(Last Updated On: July 8, 2014)


Recently I was listening to Paul Washer’s shocking message to the youth. He protracted that so much of what we think today is the gospel is purely based on a culture that we have for a longtime held. Delivered to the youth in America, this message has far reaching consequence even in the churches everywhere today. I vividly recall my early Christian walk and I can as well as you also can that we went to church services without asking questions. It has been and so it shall always be. Who are to question? So blinded by this assumption we thought that just as we were faithful in going to church and even further in participating in church activities, we are therefore entitled with all the privileges that come with it. Embracing every code of the faith we are so much contented with the fulfillment of the corporate worship that we neglect ourselves. It is not so much our fault, in a culture where we even think of the Christianity is one of the many religions and that we worship the same God with the Muslims and other deities.

In Hebrews 4:12 Paul writes “…the word of God is living…” It is this word that was there from the beginning. For some of us that are born “into” the Christian faith by the means that we were born into Christian families, we carried on with the culture until when we made a personal decision to accept Jesus as the lord and savior in our lives. Even now there are so many teens that drag their feet to church services under the strict hawk eyes of their parents. They endure the long sermons and are often distracted throughout, thanks to the social media; they are updating their statuses and chatting with their friends on whattsup. This is true also of some adults who chose to attend their church services from the comfort of their couches with their remote control of their laps. As long as I listen to the word they say, what about the warning not abandon the fellowship of the brethren?

Jesus Christ warned the disciples against the yeast of the Pharisees. They were so much concerned with the outward observance of the law that they forgot about the inner purity. Paul Washer fervently cautioned the youth against clinging to the confession prayer, baptism and even partaking in the Holy Communion. These practices have deep roots in the Christian faith and are meant to reinforce our faith in Jesus Christ. But taking these practices to replace the salvation that is received not by works but faith in the Christ, it could as well be said that they are just idols. In the contemporary society; Christmas, Easter, night vigils, fasting, baptism and Holy Communion among many other practice are more or less symbols of Christianity than the outright portrayal of the Jesus Christ in the church is.

As the church, history has treated us harshly. From the persecution of the Christians in the early church to the martyrdom of converts in the Middle Ages to the apostasy in this age. It is now more than ever that we need the spirit of God for the wolves have gone among the sheep and the tares are growing among the wheat. Fear is growing among the believers concerning the increase of evil in the world, with all the stories about freemasonry activities, devil worship, illuminati and even rumors about the mark of the beast. The church is under attack and we are indifferent. We preach against injustices and impunity of politicians and yet we invite their contribution in the mega fundraisers we hold in the church. Theology itself is questioning the significance of the Christian faith.

I therefore venture to quote John 4:23 that “…the time has come and now is when true worshipers must worship in truth and spirit.” Let the God of Elijah show that he is God. Mahatma Gandhi got a glimpse of Christ through the bible and famously quoted; “I like your Christ, I don’t like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Let therefore those that stand by this quote see the Christ in the Christians. This is the miracle of this generation. Let the evangelist who preaches, live what he preaches. Let the teacher, live his teachings in Christ. Let the moralist uphold it in Christ. Let the writer be seen to live it out. Handle your salvation with fear and trembling. Ditch your religion and show your faith without pride. Live up to through grace and by faith in Christ Jesus to who you have been born in the spirit to be. Amen


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