Child of Weakness Watch and Pray

Child of Weakness Watch and Pray
(Last Updated On: July 17, 2021)

Child of Weakness Watch and Pray


A lot was racing through my mind that day,

Could it really be true?

Could He still love me even after all I’d done?

There had to be a mistake,

This was just too good to be true,


And then I heard it, the birds chirping,

The wind whooshing past me,

Where to, I had no idea,

I stood still,

In the middle of the road,

Yeah I know crazy, haha,


And shutting my eyes,

I took a deep breathe,

And exhaled ever so slowly,

This was truly happening,

He had called me from my darkness,

With a voice full of warmth and love,

And despite all the murky dirt I had,


He still loved me,

So much, slowly I opened my eyes,

And my lungs were filled with fresh air,

My eyes saw His wondrous creation,

And a smile big enough to carry the whole world,

Crept onto my mouth,

Color filled my cheeks once again,


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