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It’s an intimate family. All carrying not distinct fetus, but best put are the divine appointments; probably supernaturally spiritual, naturally spiritual and spiritually natural. The family deeply thinks of the fetus, acting and walking for its safety; a default in the transformation of their hearts thinking; simply to give an intense care to the fetus.

These expectants carry the big dreams for entire generations in the future. Hope for whole nations. Their sole purpose seems to put it all known that since they are here, still here; they have got to fight all odds but, the pregnancy and the effects? What about the disguised feeling of sorrow that they were once together with the guy responsible but these guys upped and left. Should they now abort? Yet a small inner voice says, ‘Hold on to that baby. He just might be a savior. Perhaps there got be a Christmas man!’ The pregnancy carries morning sickness, nausea and mood swings. The carriers sometimes feel like terminating that pregnancy. Still a small voice says, ‘Do not do it. Do better. What if…’ it gives them courage to put off the hyena types who prepare on the funeral situations of uncelebrated deliveries. Further, the scene of the past struggle from widowed mothers in raising their out-law children and perhaps grandchildren with gut since the death of their husbands gives the expectants extraordinary power to carry the pregnancy; never desiring to run away with the guilt of being a laughing stock.

This family meets for keep warm where the memories of their before-the-pregnancies pour out. Tears flow down their hearts when they remember the naysayer who did not give them a dog’s chance in hell. They did not realize their destination now destined by the child each carry. They can only be comforted by the teaching that when life pours to them lemons, they should not whip up lemonade but they should utilize the sour fruits’ seeds to grow them an orchard. It is in the orchard where they act like foster mothers who take in children who otherwise would not have a shot at anything, giving those wings and windows of opportunities. These children then perceive miracles and signs under these teachings and welcome of supernaturally flying high with glory.

The pregnancy makes them taken for granted, since they are always there as others go north and high in pursuit of wants as opposed to needs. People know the value of their work and words when they are gone but then it becomes too late to make amends. For the expectants, it is only after they have departed that they will also realize that they were the family’s backbone. That without them some will draw back into faked death; that without the growing pregnancy, we would never be in love; that all expectants are mentors and role models to millions of those desiring to be responsible of their pregnancies.

What about the care taker of your health during pregnancy? Believe you me that it’s somebody you cannot doubt. This is a person with experience and skills; someone with the passion and love for one’s life; a person of great care and concern and stays next to you every minute, hour and days to months. The person knows how to feed you on the appropriate and good diet and will always be there on time to attend you. The person gives you what you need. S/he would not give you wine and new wine because it would take away your heart and cause abortion or an immature delivery; would not let you commit adultery because you are already pregnant and may also make you get some diseases; would not let you wear some type of clothes because they are a disgrace and inappropriate for pregnancy; would not let you walk and go wherever you want because you may put the baby at risk; would not let you use some kind of cologne because they are a hazard; would not let you be angry and bitter. The person would like you to take seriously the advice s/he gives and be sincere within you to express your feelings; would like you to trust and have faith in him/her in the work and care given. Then shall you be able to adore and respect them.

The identity of a Christian is characterized by the life given in them; a pregnancy they have to carry on until the end. They are attached to a life caring deity, the vine dresser who is God. God has all we ever needed in life. He gives us what is necessary for our growth in salvation and therefore our bearing fruits and nurturing our fetus is not limited to ourselves if we abide in His work and word.


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