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Along the pavements
Past the beautiful lawns
Well-tended flower gardens
An indispensable effort
Of the custodians of our environment
Not, maybe a diversity of thoughts in my mind
Observation, the skill of an intellectual.

2. A wave, a passing storm on dry land
The noise, of high heeled and flat heeled shoes
Pounding perfectly on the ground
Young lads and gents, scholars
Eyes fixed to their destinations
Hoping the lecture halls are not packed to capacity
Minds thirsty of knowledge
To quench their brains
From the fountain of knowledge.

3. Where ‘freedom’ is priceless
The uncommon common sense drives you
You sail your own ship
You navigate your own storms
Where you fly your own plane
The varsity
Forty two plus tribes represented
All races, a mixture of different skin pigments
Drunkards, smokers, reckless……………
Believers, pagans, atheists, Muslims, freethinkers………
Divergent personalities
With knowledge, the only point of convergence.

4. Men and women, a minority
Boys and girls, a majority
Where this famous slogan is well grounded
‘My dress my choice’
Deeply and firmly rooted
In the brains of this silly youthful generation
Who think materialistic possessions are wealth
Yet their thinking drives they close……
Millimeters away from the indigence of wisdom
A deviation from their core purpose of being here.

5. Comrade’s power!
The so called ‘mob psychology’
A power that could, maybe it has done
Driven some interests of the students
Along the roads in the ‘city of our rights’
When it happens
The truth of some old saying is brought to light
“Every man is mad, only the degree of madness differs”
Young men of considerable intellectual capacities
Screaming, yelling, some sort of madness!


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