Expectations for evangelism authored by Michael Marshall

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Expectations for evangelism authored by Michael Marshall
The author introduces the book by explaining the experience of the Pentecost and its importance to Christians. He explains the results;people were on fire with an experience of joy and confidence…Explosion of Pentecost drove them out in the world and four corners of the earth to share with anybody and everybody their experience of resurrection. The power Pentecost was strong and the disciples were changed to apostles. (Messengers sent away to convey a message and spread the teachings).the disciples had firsthand experience of Christ’s resurrection for forty days and realized its significance to themselves and other people. He also explains that the traditionally, death and grave were viewed as “the end” but Christ’s resurrection demonstrated that death has no power over life. Neither the grave nor the sky is any longer the limit! Resurrection of Jesus drags us into a new diverse and radically revised world view. It makes us realize his purpose and power on earth.
The author slightly breaks monotony by diverting from the evangelism and uses words such as if only to get the adrenaline going! This encourages one to read and find out why the need for adrenaline for reading a book. He tries to connect the relationship Pentecost and evangelism. The importance of the descending of the Holy Spirit is also explained-the Holy Spirit changed the disciples to apostles and helped them get about things that could hinder them from spreading the word. He continues by explaining the impact of the Pentecost on the initiation of evangelism.theprivacy that went along with the discipleship was made public encounter on the people with guidance of the Holy Spirit. A congregation of 3000 people came to Christ that day.
Faithful Christians study the bible and pray, they feel ill equipped and not confident to share their faith leading to privacy in practicing Christianity and fellowship. The gospel of resurrection should be spread by every Christian and therefore he encourages Christians to read the Bible and inwardly digest it so that it decibel rings in our ears of the heart and become engrafted in the subconscious memory so that in times of crisis and confrontation it will manifest to us as strengthening and powerful words of reassurance.
At the end of the book, there is a vigil service for evangelists though I find it restrictive it can be helpful for guidance.
My views; the book sounds as if addressed to a certain to a branch of protestants but all in all it applies to all Christians despite the denomination. Though it seems like a religious book the message is important for growth of Christians and expansion of the church.
Get the book and experience it firsthand.
Don’t judge a book by its cover by Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship. (A combination of students in Christian’s unions in colleges and universities in UK and Ireland)
The book has a blue cover
With an illustration of five people, conspicuously two girls and one man in a vehicle here are some visual illustrations on the first bottom pages from 0 AD to 1300 AD and in the last pages from 1400 to 1989AD. The book is basically about Luke and in fact it’s written on the 8th page Luke in 30 days. The book outlines and describes events in the book of Luke with exact quotation of scriptures. The emphasize is on the role of women in this book-mother of Jesus,Elizabeth,Joanna,Mary Magdalene, the crippled woman ,the widow in verse 21 and many more women.

Radicalism-the Jews were so radical and viewed themselves as the only chosen people of God. They despised the gentiles and other people .rejects in society-during his days certain people were always rejected and were not allowed to be with other people on the basis of what they did or jobs e.g. tax collectors, lepers, foreigners and prostitute among others. Jesus did not keep up with the norms of the day, in fact he healed the lepers, preached to tax collectors and brought good news to them.jesus himself was rejected at some point but he knew his course.Judgement-he preached to people and used parable that mostly directed to judgment day to come. Beyond materialism-people were bound with selfishness and self centredness.Jesus came to make people realize the eternity of Gods kingdom above all other things. Choices-the people are given the choice to decide what they want to follow but the word is preached to them.
The book describes the events as exact as in Luke with the interpretation of the events. The Jews expected a completely religious revolution with Jesus’ presence but they were disapproved by the turn of events of what Jesus did and advocated for. He taught all people the gospel without discrimination and made them realize about the judgment and the future of the world. Jesus was neutral and was focused in achieving his mission on earth. He was totally different from the Jewish teachers of law and that way they turned against him and plotted to kill him. After all he died and on the third day and resurrected ascended to heaven .There were people who followed him and made disciples. They were filled with joy and continued preaching the gospel of Christ by manipulating him. At the end of the book there is a word list to enable you grasp the events well where the names of people in the book and the old testament are defined ,Jewish religious details, places in Luke’s story and general terms.
In conclusion, there is a prayer to guide those who willing to experience Christ in their lives but it’s encouraged that one prays their own sincere prayer.
The book is like the bible but it helps you understand main features of the book of Luke in the Bible. It’s an interesting book that gives insight to what many see just as Bible verses and helps relate with normal life.

Read the scripture through an interesting book.

Reviewer:By lydiane Sawenja


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