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The first sight of this book is intriguing. When you hear One Heartbeat Way, the first thought is death which somehow will catch up with you and me. It’s seriously important to know what will happen after this life. You can be sure once you hold this book, you won’t keep it down. It is a book that has had tremendous impact in the world.

Just a tip off the iceberg

You were born. You learned to walk and talk. You went to kindergarten and then elementary school. You learned to play sports. You went to junior high and then high school. You were overly concerned about your grade point average. You got your driver’s license. You went to college. You went to some concerts. You got a job. You got married. You had some kids. You cheered your favorite sports teams. You retired. You DIED.

Now what?

What happens after we take that last breath? Is there something out there after we die?

Your life is a journey that will end sometime and somewhere. Is that all there is? This life and nothing more? What are we even here for?

People, you must read the book.

Author- Mark Cahil

A business degree holder and has worked in various managerial positions at IBM. He has spoken to thousands of people a year at conferences, camps, retreats etc. His favorite thing to do is to go out, meet people, and find out what they believe and why they believe.

The novel is a non fictious Christian book. It targets all generations of all ages, religions and non-believers (atheists). The author answers the above questions in a logical, interesting and straight forward manner.

Reviewer: Lucy Mwai


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