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Possibly I may sound too a far skeptical but probably this may go round to work out in the trial run of learning to corrupt the corrupt system. Ever wondered how someone be so spirited in shedding innocent blood; and heartlessly for that matter? What about the youthful charming ladies who beat all the odds and intimately get betrothed to “Grandpas?” and of the young striking men falling in love with the “Grandmas?” Could there be a probability that the fore mentioned sampled friends have completely lost their heart of feelings if not mercy, or name Christian virtues? Maybe this could be our finely tuned instant to dig deeper into the basis of all that and stop laying the responsibility on the subjects.
Perhaps the way to kick it off is to look into the role of the church in such situations. Does the church identify with the upbringing of the heretofore that may well be a contributing dynamic. Sure to say that it’s a transgression but what goes round the sin to such an extreme is our matrix to rearrange. Willpower may possibly be a causative factor- but not an end to itself. As such, besides parenting, it gives leaders such an equal task. Leadership therefore comes in an inevitable context of care and responsibility. Best put be how much I care and; be responsible to them of the phrase ‘I wish he/she knows that am not just into it.’ More like worshipping their circumstances with the mouth far be their hearts in it.

Psychologically, a considerable number have had a very rough upbringing. To some, there partially lacked a figure of a father-parent and what goes round their pleasure in life is filling the gap of yet a closer sense of paternity. In the midst of yearning for the sense of belonging, the out of the blue dominate long before the understanding of an actualized disguised comfort. There rises no need to go over the top about the basis of the tight spot to young men. Some of the brutal ‘men’ have similarly undergone through such a radical upbringing perhaps corrupting them of every bit of humanity in them.
However, these categories are very instrumental in Christian’s life simply because they create a platform of evangelism, compassion, kindness, and love just to name a few. It helps us define our genuine call of brotherly love. Here we find the true virtues of responsibility, concern, care, sympathy etcetera. It is worth noting that I don’t give a blissful traverse over the wounded. It is just a suggested summit of beginning.

Finally, in our course and discourse as Christians, whether ‘escortology’ or hospitality the list is endless, it’s of necessity to be heroine for all times just as Jesus did. It’s no easy getting to their being but we can have it. Let our story starts at sea of those experiencing a perilous voyage to an unknown land, before they experience a shipwreck. Though the wild waters roar and haul, striking the brave vessel to pieces and all the helpless souls within her drowned, there may be many whose souls are greater than the ocean, and their spirit stronger than the sea’s squeeze. Brethrens, let’s not go for their watery ends, but new life beginning on strangers shore. It will then be a love story.


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October 07, 2018

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