(Last Updated On: October 1, 2015)

Who will take me by my hands and guide me?

I am walking to an unknown place without a compass direction and I have stayed for a long time without interacting with geography of any form.

I am clueless about life and what it holds.

I am struggling in darkness to reach light I cannot see.

Whatever am doing right now is so dull,it cannot even produce sparks of light to help me see and get to know a glimpse of what I should be doing.

It’s been long and I still do not know my purpose.

I do not have a vision

I am simply beating about the air, hoping to get hold of something.

Something that would eventually lead me to the rock of stability and a foundation where my life can be built up

It’s very sad that time cannot and will never stop.

Whatever I have to do, I have to do it now and not tomorrow.

Most things in my life are not making sense.

Nothing is bringing me happiness and a sense of belonging.

I try so much to bring sense and worth into my life.

I have so far succeeded in creating,piling more frustrations in all I’ve been doing.

I need to be led.

Someone should know am in the darkness.

Someone should start looking for me.

I cannot shout for I find no meaning in shouting.

I need to be tracked.

I need to be coached into the fundamentals of life.

I have lagged behind in many areas.

I do not know most things in life.

There is no achievement whatsoever accredited to me so far, though am an overgrown young man.

How will I rise up to that level?

How will I reach that place?

The place of stability,where my life follows and realizes independence?

I am old enough.

I need to start growing again.

I need someone to help me make that first bold step of a baby learning to walk.

I promise this person that I won’t disappoint them.

I am ready to learn.

I am ready to run with passion. Give me passion!


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October 07, 2018

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