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The song starts and my blood stirs; My choices are not always the greatest but I stand there like am the purest, pretending to grasp the heavens with my bare hands while in fact  I came  with  a bare heart.

I feel so empty yet I look so full, convincing all that I am with Him but the truth is, I don’t know where I lost Him.

And it goes on and on and on………

The guitar sounds and I swear I can feel Heaven and for a while I am in a Happy Haven; I see a light that fills me with delight.  It appears too near yet feels so far!

Soon the song halts and reality hails, I look up and I can’t really connect or react to Him speak because of the noises I make, so I stand there closing my eyes, not saying much of anything while everyone continues to pray about everything.

Please help me God! I say, when  I actually mean , please take away  the guilt……………… I begin to question my reaction to  His call and the extension of my rebellion to His devotion.

When? Just when did I lose my way and ended up this way?

Then I hear Him say “Come to me all YE who are heavy burdened and I shall give you rest”

Just at that moment a feel relieved ,more like my problems have been released, He says his yoke is easy and I can take it easy. His voice is clear and my sins are cleared, He says my sins have been separated from me as far as the east is from the west and even from North and South there is none like Him.

So I begin to sing and dance to a new song that He has taught me, I do not seem to get the rhythm or the lyrics but He is patient and kind, teaching me every word and every move carefully until I get it right. I can feel His love so unconditionally and unlimitedly poured down to me, until it’s no longer I but CHRIST IN ME.

Guilt fades and grace caves, I no longer hide my face for his Holy DNA runs through my veins. I am in sin no more for He is no man. I am tuned to His channel listening to him channel his mighty power through me, and like magnet I am glued to Him for life.

He calls me His own and by His Mercy I am known; He overwhelms me with grace and all my sins are erased, He loved when I least deserved it, I thought my iniquities were beyond repair but He said His mercies were above compare.

I remember sitting in a corner feeling depressed, stressed and regressed towards worthlessness. Struggling and straining to fight burdens deep within my soul until sorrows became my daily bread. I  can confidently say goodbye to all that because I met MY ONE, CHRIST , who LOVES me PERFECTLY.



Mercy Migwi








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