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Science embattled

ISBN: 3506788744
SPRACHE: Deutsch
AUTOR: Maciej Górny

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Klappentext zu „Science embattled “Górny's study deals with WWI political engagement of science with an eye on Eastern Europe between 1912 (the First Balkan War) and 1923. The writings of intellectuals from this region that subscribed to the tradition of 'national characterology' skillfully integrated the most modern science of the time: physical anthropology, psychiatry and anthropogeography. Consequently, neither in the intellectual standing of the authors, nor in the discursive strategies they used did the intellectuals' war in the East fundamentally deviate from its counterpart on the Western front. Yet, their liaison with politics proved to be even longer, harsher and more fateful than in the West."By bringing the European East (East Central Europe South-Eastern Europe, Russia) into the historiographical debate over the 'the war of the spirits' the study does in fact more than just broaden the geographical scope of current research. It substantially deepens our understanding of the European dimensions of the phenomenon in general - e.g. the interplay between transnational academic communication and the 'nationalization' of science, the transfers of academic paradigms and of people, the background and nature of cross-national scholarly disputes. At the same time, the comparative analysis allows us to understand East Central European and South-East European peculiarities. Here, the involvement of science in the processes of competitive nation- and state-building implied that 'the war of the spirits' started much earlier than 1914, and certainly did not end in 1918. Not least should I mention that this is a very well written book!" - Prof. Dr. Michael G. Müller

...r. By Kelly Servick Aug. 20, 2019 , 10:25 AM ... Embattled Heavens: The Militarization of Space in Science, Fiction, and ... ... . When Oklahoma State University (OSU) got a major windfall from a ... Historians writing with one eye on an embattled view of the political situation might have had their reasons for wishing to share in the fabrication. Science embattled Eastern European Intellectuals and the Great War Translated by Antoni Górny, editorial assistance William Edward Martin Ferdinand Schöningh. The author: Maciej Górny has been a resea ... Science embattled. Eastern European Intellectuals and the Great War ... ... . The author: Maciej Górny has been a research associate since 2006 and full professor at the I ... Science embattled von Gorny, Maciej: Eastern European ... - Science embattled, Eastern European Intellectuals and the Great War von Gorny, Maciej: Hardcover - Academics of modern, still emerging sciences were particularl Content - Górny's study deals with WWI political engagement of science with an eye on Eastern Europe between Bryson has described himself as a "cheerleader for science," and told The New Statesman: "Science has been quite embattled. It's the most important thing there is. An arts graduate is not going to fix global warming. They may do other valuable things, but they are not going to fix the planet, or cure cancer, or get rid of malaria." If Pruitt's proposed "science transparency" rule were in place years ago, the EPA may have never considered a trio of studies released in 2011 that found a connection between prenatal exposure to chlorpyrifos and diminished IQs in children during its scientific review of the chemical. That's because the raw data in those studies is attached to personal information that cannot be released to the public. EMBATTLED GRADUATE: I narrate the story of Nigerian graduates and their challenges of career pursuit, the heart touching story of jobless graduates plying different corners of the urban cities of the country for white collar jobs. I also tell of their endurance, resilience, challenges and hardships amidst extortion and dubious acts of ... Zwei weitere Beiträge in den Zeitschriften Proceedings of the Royal Society B und Science seien ebenfalls betroffen, hieß es zunächst, allerdings konnte Hauser in beiden Fällen die Experimente wiederholen, wodurch seine ursprünglichen Resultate bestätigt wurden. Mit Wirkung vom 1. Rebrikov told Science that he plans to do extensive safety checks before seeking approval to implant an edited embryo. First, he wants to sequence the entire genomes of each parent to get a baseline for assessing off-target mutations in their edited embryos. He then wants to stimulate the woman's ovaries, obtain about 20 eggs, fertilize them ... Scott Pruitt, administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), resigned on 5 July amid a series of ethical and spending scandals. Pruitt — a former attorney-general for Oklahoma ... How to get to the Embattled Outpost ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue In: Science. 253, Nr. 5019, 1991, S. 530-535. doi: 10.1126/science.1857983. A neural dissociation within language: Evidence that the mental dictionary is part of declarative memory, and that grammatical rules are processed by the procedural system. In: Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 9, 1997, S. 289-299. Embattled Heavens: The Militarization of Space in Science, Fiction, and Politic...